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We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. On behalf of all of us here at East Central Regional Library, welcome! Our old website served us well, but technology continues to develop and with this redesign we will be able to take advantage of the most current tools to share the services and resources available at East Central Regional Library. Check it out!

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Search for eBook and eAudiobooks in the Catalog

Physical books or digital books?  If you’re like most digital readers, you don’t read digital books exclusively but also read physical books .  Previously, if you were a physical AND digital book reader from ECRL, you had to search in more than one place.  If you were looking for physical books like hardcovers or Books on CD from ECRL, you had to search the catalog.  If you were looking for digital books (eBooks or eAudiobooks), you had to search the ECRL OverDrive Digital Library.

No longer!

Since the beginning of 2016, ECRL’s Technical Services team has worked hard to add information for the over 9,000 digital titles available in the ECRL OverDrive Digital Library to the catalog.  Now, you can search for OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks in the ECRL catalog.

How do I do search for eBooks and eAudiobooks in the ECRL catalog?

Search for a title or author in the ECRL catalog, just as you normally would.  Results will now include eBook and eAudio in addition to the regular print book, Large Print, and Book on CD.  In the example above, a title search for Girl in the Spider’s Web returns 5 results.  The top two results represent digital books.

To access a digital title from the catalog, click on the link to open the detailed record of the format you desire (see below).

Girl in the Spider's Web eBook detail

Then click on the link under Electronic resources which will take you to the ECRL OverDrive Digital Library to check out or place the item on hold.

OverDrive Record

How does this help me?

Having digital titles available in the catalog increases your ability to find books to read.  For readers who read both digital and print books, this should save you the time of having to search in two places. Using the catalog to search is a good option if you are looking for a particular title in any format: book, eBook, Book on CD, eAudiobook, etc.

Note: If you are searching for OverDrive digital titles only, you can always still search for eBooks and eAudiobooks on the Digital Library website or app.

New Books Coming Soon

Recently added to the catalog! Click here to search for and place holds on titles from your favorite authors before they are released.


  • All Summer Long by Carlson, Melody (6/07/16)
  • Among the Wicked by Castillo, Linda (7/12/16)
  • Insidious by Coulter, Catherine (7/05/16)
  • The Pursuit by Evanovich, Janet (6/21/16)
  • First Comes Love by Giffin, Emily (6/28/16)
  • A Daughter’s Dream by Gray, Shelley Shepard (5/24/16)
  • Sea Rose Lane by Hannon, Irene (6/07/16)
  • The Highwayman by Johnson, Craig (5/17/16)
  • Born of Legend by Kenyon, Sherrilyn (6/21/16)
  • Make Me Love You by Lindsey, Johanna (7/05/16)
  • Chance Developments by McCall Smith, Alexander (7/12/16)
  • Defender by Palmer, Diana (6/28/16)
  • Private Rio by Patterson, James (6/27/16)
  • A Beauty Refined by Peterson, Tracie (7/05/16)
  • Magic by Steel, Danielle (7/05/16)
  • Dishonorable Intentions by Woods, Stuart (7/12/16)


  • Loving Eleanor by Albert, Susan Wittig (3/02/16)
  • Cometh the Hour by Archer, Jeffrey (3/02/16)
  • If I Run by Blackstock, Terri (3/02/16)
  • Off the Grid by Box, C. J. (4/01/16)
  • Devonshire Scream by Childs, Laura (3/02/16)
  • The Gangster by Cussler, Clive (3/02/16)
  • The Steel Kiss by Deaver, Jeffery (3/08/16)
  • The Pursuit by Evanovich, Janet (6/21/16)
  • The Mistletoe Inn by Evans, Richard Paul (4/01/16)
  • Wedding Cake Murder by Fluke, Joanne (3/02/16)
  • All Summer Long by Frank, Dorothea Benton (6/14/16)
  • Here’s to Us by Hilderbrand, Elin (6/14/16)
  • Clawback by Jance, Judith A. (3/02/16)
  • A Brush of Wings by Kingsbury, Karen (3/29/16)
  • The House of Secrets by Meltzer, Brad (6/07/16)
  • No Safe Secret by Michaels, Fern (3/29/16)
  • Once A Rancher by Miller, Linda Lael (4/06/16)
  • Private Rio by Patterson, James (6/27/16)
  • A Treasure Concealed by Peterson, Tracie (3/02/16)
  • Magic by Steel, Danielle (7/05/16)
  • Family Jewels by Woods, Stuart (3/28/16)


  • Grunt by Roach, Mary (6/07/16)


  • The Weekenders by Andrews, Mary Kay (5/17/16)
  • The Last Mile by Baldacci, David (4/19/16)
  • Boar Island by Barr, Nevada (5/17/16)
  • Larose by Erdrich, Louise (5/10/16)
  • Troublemaker by Howard, Linda (5/10/16)
  • The Apartment by Steel, Danielle (5/03/16)

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