How are the roads?

It’s a snowy Minnesota kind of day. I went out for lunch and got back just fine, and having gotten my driving teeth in this kind of climate, I would describe it as “not so bad, just gotta-take-it-easy.” However, delivery driver Jerry, a well-seasoned Minnesota driver came back after finishing half the route saying after […]

First Cambridge Branch Librarian Named

Press Release History was made at the Cambridge Public Library on Monday, February 2nd when local resident, Nancy Dunbar, started her position as the very first Cambridge Public Library Branch Librarian. The Cambridge Public Library is one of 14 branches that make up East Central Regional Library system, which provides library service in Aitkin, Chisago, […]

Kill A Watt Empowers You

Press Release Electricity bills are rising and in these tough economic times, everyone wants to save money. A Kill A Watt can do just that. It is a device that can help you identify what appliances in your home are the biggest energy abusers. Simply plug Kill A Watt into any appliance (refrigerator, fan, computer, […]