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Author Title Pub. Date
Andrews, V. C. Sage s Eyes 1/26/16
Blackstock, Terri If I Run 2/16/16
Cameron, Barbara Return to Paradise 2/16/16
Carlson, Melody Your Heart s Desire 1/05/16
Coble, Colleen Mermaid Moon 1/12/16
Coonts, Stephen The Art of War 2/02/16
Gardner, Lisa Find Her 2/02/16
Hannon, Irene Thin Ice 1/05/16
Kellerman, Jonathan Breakdown 2/02/16
Meissner, Susan Stars over Sunset Boulevard 1/05/16
Oates, Joyce Carol The Man Without a Shadow 1/19/16
Patterson, James Private Paris 1/25/16
Robb, J. D. Brotherhood in Death 2/02/16
Author Title Pub. Date
Chiaverini, Jennifer Christmas Bells 11/04/15
Feehan, Christine Wild Cat 11/18/15
George, Elizabeth A Banquet of Consequences 11/04/15
Hart, Carolyn Ghost to the Rescue 11/04/15
Kellerman, Faye Killing Season 6/14/16
Kellerman, Jonathan The Golem of Paris 11/04/15
Kellerman, Jonathan Breakdown 2/02/16
King, Stephen The Bazaar of Bad Dreams : Stories 11/04/15
Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic to the Rescue 11/04/15
Michaels, Fern Wishes for Christmas 11/04/15
Oates, Joyce Carol The Man Without a Shadow 1/19/16
Patterson, James Private Paris 1/25/16
Scottoline, Lisa Corrupted 11/04/15
Smith, Alexander The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine 11/04/15
Sparks, Nicholas See Me 10/27/15
Woods, Sherryl Gina & Emma 12/09/15
Woods, Stuart Foreign Affairs 11/04/15
Author Title Pub. Date
Bryson, Bill The Road to Little Dribbling : More Notes from a Small Island 1/19/16
Millan, Cesar Cesar Millan s Lessons from the Pack 2/16/16
Author Title Pub. Date
Hooper, Kay Fear the Dark 10/06/15
Kinsella, Sophie Shopaholic to the Rescue 10/27/15
Patterson, James Private Paris 1/25/16
Roberts, Nora Stars of Fortune 11/03/15
Sparks, Nicholas See Me 10/13/15

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