Unattended Children Policy

In order to prevent undue disruption of normal library activities, provide for the general welfare of all persons using the library, and provide for the general safety of the children using the library, the following policy has been adopted at East Central Regional Library effective May 19, 1986.

  1. All children age five (5) years or younger shall be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible person, e.g., an adult or mature adolescent.
  2. Children who are older than five (5) years but who are less than eight (8) years of age may be left unattended in the library for up to one-half hour. However, persons responsible for children who have special problems related to physical or mental ability, disruptive behavior, emotional problems, lack of adequate attention span, incomplete social skills, etc., shall remain with their children at all times.
  3. Children from the age of eight (8) years and older may use the library unattended, subject of course to appropriate behavior.
  4. During supervised library programs, parents or temporary guardians need not be present during the program, regardless of the age of the child, as long as young children are picked up immediately after the program is completed.

East Central Regional Library cannot assume responsibility for children left unattended on library premises. The library should not be used for a child care center while parents are working.


Each East Central Regional Library agency should have sign posted saying children five years of age and under cannot be left unattended in the library.

If a child is left unattended in the library for a long period of time or on a regular basis, Social Services should be informed of the situation. The parents should also be informed of the policy and asked to please not leave their children unattended in the library.