American Sniper Discussion Questions

Are you reading the Big Library Read title, American Sniperalong with us?  Have you read it before?
What are you waiting for? Dish! Start a conversation with readers all over.  Here are some discussion questions to get you started.

  • Chris Kyle seemed to see the world divided into Good and Evil and the way he talks about his job is very matter of fact. Do you think his ability to separate the world in this way led to his success on the battlefield?
  • Additionally, what are your thoughts on his incredibly definite distinction between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”? Are there shades of grey even in times of war and battle?
  • James Fallow states “We love the troops, but we’d rather not think about them.” Some readers were disturbed by Chris’ experiences story. Do you think most American civilians, while saying they support the soldiers, prefer not to know what military service truly entails and what soldiers experience?
  • Kyle’s wife Taya brings a very personal first-person view to Kyle’s story, especially her discussion of the strains his service placed on the family. Did her account change your point of view on how multiple deployments affect families?
  • Kyle writes honestly about the pain and suffering of war, especially the loss of two of his closest teammates. Did reading his account make you think about the costs of war and what it means for both soldiers and their families?
  • What wisdom is there to be gained by reading American Sniper? Did you come away with a different perspective of war?
  • Chris mentions that he does not consider himself a hero but rather that the real heroes are those who lost their vision, limbs or even their lives in the fighting. Would you consider Chris a hero for his actions?
  • What was the most eye-opening or shocking moment of American Sniper for you as a reader?

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