Announcing the new OverDrive app for eBooks & eAudiobooks!

A new version of the OverDrive app for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 was released yesterday!

This most long-awaited update is the elimination of the Adobe Authorization step from the app installation process! Users no longer need to create and/or authorize their app with an Adobe ID to get started enjoying eBooks & eAudiobooks.
We expect this change will significantly improve user experience during the set-up process, as this has been one of our most common questions for new Digital Library users.
Rather than the Adobe Authorization process, first-time users will now be prompted to create an OverDrive account.* There is no required change for existing users with an Adobe ID or OverDrive account already associated with their OverDrive app, even after updating to the newest version.  Existing users can sign up for an OverDrive account at any time.
A favorite feature of an OverDrive account is the ability to sync your reading progress across multiple devices. Read on your tablet at home, and then pick up in the same place on your smart phone while waiting in line at the grocery store! 
Other app updates:

  • The ability to save libraries and common searches on your OverDrive account.
  • The app name is no longer “OverDrive Media Console,” but simply “OverDrive.” The app website has moved to
  • The ability to return Open EPUB titles before the end of their lending period. All formats can now be returned before expiration.
OverDrive Help has been updated to reflect the updates in OverDrive v.3.2.

We hope you enjoy the new app experience!  If you have questions, please let us know.

Sarah Hawkins, Resource Librarian

*Users under the age of 13 can anonymously authorize the OverDrive app without creating an OverDrive account.  

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