AudiobookSYNC’s eighth season is here!

AudiobookSYNC kicks off with a pair of audiobooks each of which provides a great blend of horror, quirks in time’s effects on main characters, and the invitation to ask who each of us believes ourselves to be. What do we know about ourselves, really, or how accurately others judge our actions?
Earphones Award-winning The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich is performed by Charlotte Parry and Christian Coulson for Hachette Audio. This pair of narrators creates and maintains a full cast of characters, including a girl who disappeared in a school fire years ago and another girl who is revealed through her diary—even though it would seem that she never existed to write one. In a narrative that unfolds through official documents as well as more traditional passages, keeping up with developments of plot and character is enhanced by the audio format, making this great entertainment.
Oscar Wilde’s short classic The Picture of Dorian Gray, narrated by Greg Wise for Naxos AudioBooks, frequently appears on high school reading lists—and for good reasons! The titular character has become synonymous with our human nature of sporting both an exterior face and one, usually more complex and less admirable, we hope to hide from the world. Originally published in a magazine in 1890, the story has provided fertile content for movies, television shows, and theatrical productions around the world. Here’s the opportunity to meet the original, in a reading that channels all the eeriness Wilde intended.
Preview these and other AudiobookSYNC 2017 titles below!

Download your first pair of FREE audiobooks in the 2017 SYNC season before 6:00am, Thursday, May 4, when the next pair becomes available. If you need to review how to secure your free downloads with the OverDrive app, you can refer to the information on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

(Adapted from Welcome to AudiobookSYNC’s eighth season! by Francesca Goldsmith)

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