New Storytime To Go Kits Promote Early Literacy

Storytime to Go Kits aim to bring the storytime experience into a preschooler’s environment, wherever that may be.  East Central Regional Library recently put together over 45 Storytime to Go kits for checkout by anyone registered as an East Central Regional Library borrower.

The kits were created for use with children ages two to five to promote early literacy development. Each kit based on a theme contains five picture books, a children’s music CD, a manipulative (educational game, a puppet, puzzle, felt set, etc.) and an Early Child Ready to Read activity sheet.  The activity sheet provides examples of how to incorporate each of the five Every Child Ready to Read literacy skills – talk, sing, write, play and read with the contents of the kit.

The Storytime to Go kits include themes such as alphabet, colors, dogs, feelings, health, monkeys, ocean, shapes, trains and many more.  They may be checked out for 3 weeks. Each East Central Regional Library branch has a limited number of kits.  However, if there is a kit you can’t find at your local ECRL branch, place a hold on a specific kit at your local library or online at by simply searching by the keywords, “storytime to go kit.”

Whether a parent, grandparent, daycare provider, or anyone who works with children, the Storytime to Go kits provide you with all the necessary materials needed to spend some quality reading time with a child.  What you do as a parent or as an important figure in any child’s life makes a difference in preparing a child to learn to read and the Storytime to Go kits make it easy for you to foster their love for reading.

Play and Learn Kits Stimulate Learning

Looking for a unique way for the early learners in your family to learn the alphabet or about people in their community?  Or perhaps learn about odd and even numbers or ending sounds while having fun?  East Central Regional Library received a donation of 13 Play and Learn kits from the Cambridge-Isanti Early Childhood Coalition funded by the Initiative Fund.  The kits include:  Even Numbered Counting Tubes, Odd Numbered Counting Tubes, Bugs Building Game, pair of Soft Dice, two Rhymes with Sorting Houses, Pop and Match Ending Sound Game kits, Unlock it Alphabet Keys, Unlock it Number Match Keys, Number Robots, and two My Community Sorting Houses.

Research tells us that there are five basic literacy skills that help children learn to read and learn.  They include read, write, sing, talk and play.  The Play and Learn kits offer young children an avenue to practice their logical thinking, problem-solving and gross and fine motor skills by using one of the five basic literacy skills – play.  The kits are available for 3 week checkout.  Can’t find the kit you want at your local ECRL branch, then simply place on hold your ECRL branch library or online at by simply doing a keyword search for “play and learn kits.”

Interactive plays makes learning fun.  With the Play & Learn kits for ages 3 and up, early learners can engage with rhymes, colors, numbers and more to stimulate learning!

Laugh with comedian, bestselling author Lorna Landvik

Loosen that post-holiday waistband and get ready to laugh with Minnesota author and comedian Lorna Landvik during a special performance at the Chisago Lakes Area Library.

No registration is necessary for this program, set for 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 20. Find the Chisago Lakes Area Library at 11754 302nd St. in Chisago City.

Writing and theater were Landvik’s twin passions while growing up in her home town of Minneapolis. She went on to perform stand-up and improvisational comedy in California and began to write her first novel, the critically acclaimed Patty Jane’s House of Curl, when she and her family moved back to Minnesota. And she has continued to nurture her interest in theater with comedy and acting in plays.

Readers will find interest in Landvik’s latest novel, Once in a Blue Moon Lodge, which picks up where Patty Jane’s House of Curl left off. She is also the author of Your Oasis on Flame Lake, The Tall Pine Polka, Welcome to the Great Mysterious, Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, Oh My Stars, The View From Mount Joy, Tis The Season, Mayor of The Universe and Best To Laugh.

Presented by the East Central Regional Library, this project was funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund