I hope everyone is enjoying ECRL’s foray into the world of blogging. I, myself, absolutely love blogs: I have a bloglines account that I check religiously, I’ve been known to blog about the brilliant books I’ve been reading, and I think that blogs can be a wonderful mix of function and fun. Hopefully my contributions to our blog will run the gamut between the two.

For this, my first post, I want to take a minute to highlight some of the blogs that I take time out of my crazy life to read. They rarely ever disappoint and are definitely worth your time:

The Annoyed Librarian

I’m starting off with a BANG! This one is a bit controversial, as the Annoyed Librarian (AL) isn’t afraid to speak her mind and often tackles topics near and dear to the hearts of many librarians. Lovers of wit and wisdom (and a healthy dose of sarcasm and irony) will appreciate the AL.

Pop Goes the Library!

A group of fabulous ‘pop culture mavens’ blogs about libraries, literacy, and, you guessed it, pop culture!

Reading Rants: Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists

This is my absolute favorite site focusing on young adult literature. Jennifer Hubert Swan reviews fabulous teen books in an accessible blog format. This chick knows her stuff….and even teens like to check out her site for suggested reads!

Sanders Says

Sanders Says, put out by Yahoo’s Tim Sanders, is a wonderful blog focusing on business, culture, and spirit.

Shake Your Beauty

Author of urban chicklit books for teens and adults, Tia Williams blogs about fashion, pop culture, and literature.

The Shifted Librarian

Jenny, information maven extraordinaire, talks technology and libraries. Lately there has been a focus on gaming in the library, which is, as we all know, one really cool way to get teens into our libraries.

Tame the Web

If you work in a library and don’t know who Michael Stephens is, I strongly suggest adding his blog to your bloglines account! Michael (and, when he is too busy, his merry band of co-writers) covers everything under the sun related to libraries, technology, training, Web 2.0, and anything else that strikes his fancy.

There are many more wonderful blogs out there that I read and love, but these are the core blogs that I take the time to keep up. Perhaps some of you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Chisago Lakes Area Library Branch Librarian

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