Call for entries in the Minnesota statewide author contests

Minnesota Author Project creates opportunities for self-published authors  and community writing collaborations

Minnesota public libraries are pleased to announce the call for entries in this year’s Minnesota Author Project statewide contest for independently-published Young Adult and Adult Fiction.  This is the contest’s fourth year.  The Minnesota Author Project Communities Create category, introduced last year, is also inviting entries for its second year. Communities Create seeks creative written work by Minnesota organizations and communities.
Submissions in all three categories will be accepted from April 1-May 31, 2021.
For award and prize details and full submission requirements, visit

Marlene Moulton Janssen, president of the Minnesota Library Foundation, points out that “Self-publishing platforms and electronic access such as BiblioBoard Library are examples of the many ways that libraries assist readers in finding independent authors and provide access to the results of community writing collaborations.”  For indie-published authors, being recognized by libraries creates credibility and visibility in the growing marketplace of digital content and indie-published books. Bethany Atazadeh, the 2020 winner in the Young Adult category for her book The Stolen Kingdom, particularly valued “more library exposure and getting to know brand new readers.”
According to Publisher’s Weekly, the number of self-published books increased by 40% in 2018, totaling more than 1.4 million titles. Though more recent totals aren’t yet available, it’s probable that many people started writing projects during the pandemic, and we encourage them to take this opportunity to reach thousands of new readers via Minnesota’s libraries!
And everyone, writers and readers alike, is encouraged to check out the Indie Minnesota collection on MN Writes MN Reads.  Download the Biblioboard Library app or access via web browser.

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