Still at it

Hello, We are still waiting to verify with the State that the pointers are updated for the web page. We are closer to completion on the mail server and are on track for having it up and running by the end of today. Andy

Status of Web and Email

Hello all, We had a miscommunication with OET and they pointed the world to our old web-server. We have requested that they change the pointer, unfortunately this change will not occur instantly and will gradually phase in during the day with everyone corrected by tomorrow morning, sort of the reverse of what we saw yesterday. …

Website Returns!

Thanks to Andy, our System Administrator extraordinaire, the website is back up. Email access, however, will require more time. It will hopefully be available by opening time Monday. Thanks for your patience.

Website et al Down Again

The website is again temporarily inaccessible. After successfully installing the new server yesterday, it seems that one of its hard-drives has died and needs to be replaced with a new one. This may take some time. The hope is that it will be back up and running today (Friday). However, most resources can still be …

Website et al restored

The server that provides web and e-mail service is online and it appears everything is back to normal. Thanks for your patience. Thank you to Andy for finding the server, arranging to get it here, and installing it correctly the first time. And thanks also to FedEx, although I doubt that they’re reading this.