Youth Poetry Contest

at the North Branch Area Library

North Branch Area Library holds an annual youth poetry contest every spring for kids across the region. Youth in grades K- 12th are encouraged to participate. 

2022 North Branch Area Library Youth Poetry Contest

The North Branch Area Library invites young poets from around the region to participate in an annual Poetry Contest!

This contest is sponsored by the Friends of the North Branch Area Library. 

To view last year’s entries and winners, view the eBooks created for previous years’ contests: Stuck at Home (2021) and Family Reflections (2020)

How to Participate:

The contest takes place in April.  Each year, poets in Kindergarten-12th grade are invited to write and submit a poem based on a theme. 

This year’s theme is: Heroes.

Contest age groups are: K-2nd grade, 3-5th grade, 6-8th grade, 9-12th grade


One grand prize of $25 will be awarded to the best poem in each age group.

We will be awarding $10 cash prizes via a drawing—all entries are eligible!


Contest timeline:

Contest entries are due by 6 PM on Friday, April 22.

Judging for the contest will take place on Saturday, April 23rd.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 30th.


Contest Reception:

The Friends of the North Branch Area Library are hosting a casual, drop-in reception from 10-Noon on Saturday, April 30th with refreshments and some poetry-related activities.

If your entry is selected as a winner, you can pick up your prize on this day.

In lieu of a formal reading event, we will be creating a video with contest entries so you can enjoy hearing this year’s poems.


Contest video:

We will be putting together a video featuring poets reading their entries to be shared at the reception on the 30th.

If able, please record a video of yourself reading your poem and submit it via Dropbox.

If you are unable to record a video, we are hosting a recording day at the library on April 13 from 3-5:30 PM.  No registration is required to participate, just bring a copy of your poem and we will record you reading it.

Contest eBook:

Contest entries will be published in an eBook that will be published through MN Writes, MN Reads and will be submitted into the Indie Author Project collection.


Contest Closed for 2022

Complete the form below to submit your poem. Remember, all entries are due by 6pm on Friday, April 22, 2022.