February is Black History Month

During theme months, we never have enough materials to satisfy all the requests for papers being written. Such is the case this month – February is Black History month.

In addition to the print resources we have, we librarians are always on the lookout for good online resources that are not limited to the number of copies we have. The following sites are good jumping off places to find authoritative information:

infoplease — an excellent webliography . . . . but don’t stop there!

Gale – Black History Month — a free resource from the company that publishes many of the ELM sources

Time.com – Celebrating Black History — not just history, but modern newsmakers as well

biography.com – Celebrate Black History — 200 notable icons, 101 fast facts, and more

National Geographic Online Presents the Underground Railroad — an interactive guided tour

Dream in Color – Dare. Dream. Do. Target celebrates Black History Month — from Scholastic – lesson plans for all grades

And as always . . . if you need assistance, please contact one of our Branch Librarians!

Barbara Misselt, Director

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