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Author Title Pub. Date
Albert, Susan Wittig Blood Orange 4/05/16
Berry, Steve The 14th Colony 4/05/16
Bunn, T. Davis The Fragment 2/02/16
Carr, Robyn What We Find 4/05/16
Chiaverini, Jennifer A Memoir of the Assassin John Wilkes Booth 4/12/16
Coben, Harlan Fool Me Once 3/22/16
Copeland, Lori The Preacher s Lady 3/01/16
Graham, Heather Flawless 3/29/16
Hunter, Denise The Goodbye Bride 3/08/16
Lewis, Beverly The Atonement 3/29/16
Michaels, Fern No Safe Secret 3/29/16
Miller, Linda Lael Once a Rancher 3/29/16
Roberts, Nora The Obsession 4/12/16
Sawyer, Kim Vogel Room for Hope 2/16/16
Scottoline, Lisa Most Wanted 4/12/16
Woods, Stuart Compromising Positions 4/05/16


Author Title Pub. Date
Hoag, Tami The Bitter Season 1/06/16
Michaels, Fern Point Blank 1/06/16
Peterson, Tracie Beyond the Silence 1/06/16
Robards, Karen Darkness 1/06/16
Roberts, Nora Stars of Fortune 11/04/15
Woods, Stuart Scandalous Behavior 1/06/16
Author Title Pub. Date
Burroughs, Augusten Lust and Wonder 3/29/16
Cruise, Jorge Tiny and Full 12/29/15
Trump, Donald Crippled America : How to Make America Great Again 11/03/15
Author Title Pub. Date
Archer, Jeffrey Cometh the Hour 2/23/16
Beaton, M. C. Death of a Nurse 2/23/16
Berry, Steve The 14th Colony 4/05/16
Coonts, Stephen The Art of War 2/02/16
Cussler, Clive The Gangster 3/01/16
Deaver, Jeffery The Steel Kiss 3/08/16
Feehan, Christine Dark Promises 3/15/16
Gardner, Lisa Find Her 2/09/16
Jackson, Lisa Revenge 2/23/16
Kellerman, Jonathan Breakdown 2/02/16
Macomber, Debbie A Girl s Guide to Moving On 3/08/16
Patterson, James NYPD Red 4 3/14/16
Robb, J. D. Brotherhood in Death 2/02/16
Scottoline, Lisa Most Wanted 4/12/16
Steel, Danielle Blue 2/23/16
Woods, Stuart Compromising Positions 4/05/16
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