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Title Author Pub. Date
The Forgotten Recipe Clipston, Amy 12/08/15
Beautiful Star of Bethlehem Copeland, Lori 10/01/15
The Bitter Season Hoag, Tami 1/12/16
After She s Gone Jackson, Lisa 12/29/15
Shopaholic to the Rescue Kinsella, Sophie 10/27/15
Ashley Bell Koontz, Dean R. 12/08/15
Darkness Robards, Karen 1/12/16
See Me Sparks, Nicholas 10/13/15
An Amish Year : Four Amish Novellas Wiseman, Beth 12/08/15
Scandalous Behavior Woods, Stuart 1/05/16


Title Author Pub. Date
The Darling Dahlias and the Eleven O clock Lady Albert, Susan Wittig 10/07/15
Dishing the Dirt Beaton, M. C. 10/07/15
After the Storm Castillo, Linda 10/01/15
Pretending to Dance Chamberlain, Diane 10/07/15
Parchment and Old Lace Childs, Laura 10/21/15
The Crossing Connelly, Michael 11/03/15
The End Game Coulter, Catherine 10/07/15
Obsession Falls Dodd, Christina 10/01/15
Devil s Bridge Fairstein, Linda A. 9/02/15
The Hidden Graham, Heather 10/07/15
Shadow Play Johansen, Iris 10/07/15
Come Rain or Come Shine Karon, Jan 10/07/15
The Friends of Jesus Kingsbury, Karen 10/07/15
Double Down Michaels, Fern 10/07/15
Untamed Palmer, Diana 10/21/15
Starlight on Willow Lake Wiggs, Susan 10/01/15


Title Author Pub. Date
Stop & Drop Diet : Lose Up to 5 Lbs in 5 Days Vaccariello, Liz 12/22/15


Title Author Pub. Date
A.D. 33 Dekker, Ted 10/06/15
The Scam Evanovich, Janet 9/15/15
Rogue Lawyer Grisham, John 10/20/15
Cold-hearted Rake Kleypas, Lisa 10/27/15
The Lost Landscape : A Writer s Coming of Age Oates, Joyce Carol 9/08/15
Wyoming Rugged Palmer, Diana 11/24/15
Precious Gifts Steel, Danielle 12/01/15
Scandalous Behavior Woods, Stuart 1/05/16
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