J. K. Rowling is Writing New Stories??

          J.K. Rowling has made the news again recently, with outlets blasting headlines like “J.K. Rowling to Release 12 New ‘Harry Potter’ Stories (abc news) and “J.K. Rowling Finally Gives Harry Potter Fans What They Want.” Unfortunately, these aren’t the new novels (or even short stories) that so many of her die-hard fans long for. Instead, they are bits of background information on characters, locations, and other details in the Harry Potter universe that never quite made it to the original books. Rowling made it clear in interviews and press releases during the times of publication that she had thoroughly planned out the wizarding world in which her characters live. Now, Rowling is taking that information and using it on her website: www.pottermore.com.

               What is Pottermore? Pottermore is an interactive website that walks users through all seven of the Harry Potter books, chapter by chapter. Each chapter contains an illustration depicting a certain story event (Hagrid arriving at the hut on the rock, Sybil Trelawney’s sacking etc). Within each illustration or chapter, users can collect items for potion making, Chocolate Frog cards and even unlock new information about the characters or other elements of wizarding world. For example, have you ever wondered how Petunia Dursley got her name? Or why wizards measure in inches while the rest of Britain measures in centimeters? Or why Harry couldn’t see the thestrals until after Cedric Diggory died, yet he saw his mother die as an infant? These are all things learned in the various chapters. Users can also brew potions, be sorted into their house , earn House Points and download the eBook and eAudio versions of the books.
Elizabeth Shirek
Chisago Lakes Area Branch Librarian

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