Learn to balance rocks in nature

It’s a growing art form that uses ordinary rocks in nature to create startling sculptures.
Learn all about the art of stone or rock balancing, and the photography of it, from artist Peter Juhl during a workshop at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 19 at the Mora Public Library. Participants will discover how just shape, weight and friction are used to create balanced stone art, as no glue, magnets or other artificial supports are needed.

Juhl has been uniting elements of performance art, sculpture and meditation to balance rocks for about 20 years. He regularly travels to Lake Superior’s North Shore to create and photograph his passion. “The sculptures evoke a sense of serenity and pleasing tension by juxtaposing the strength of the individual stones with the fragility of the finished creation,” he explains.
Along with his guidebook, “Center of Gravity: A Guide to the Practice of Rock Balancing,” Juhl teaches the art of stone balancing at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.
This workshop is recommended for adults and funded with money from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
Find the Mora Public Library at 200 W. Maple Ave. in downtown Mora.

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