Libraries Offer Tools to Create and Share eBooks

In conjunction with other Minnesota libraries, East Central Regional Library now offers a new suite of resources – collectively called MN Writes MN Reads – to help local authors connect with local readers, and potentially with readers across the country.
“East Central Regional Library is excited by the possibilities of MN Writes MN Reads in helping our local communities come together through the power of the written word,” says Resource Librarian Sarah Hawkins.
MN Writes MN Reads consists of three resources that allow authors and readers to create, share and read eBooks. These resources, Pressbooks, SELF-e, and Biblioboard, are free to members of the community via the MN Writes MN Reads website. Funding for these services comes from libraries from across the state.
CreatePressbooks enables writers to convert their manuscripts into a variety of eBook formats, including ePub, MOBI and PDF. Pressbooks helps writers format their books with professional design templates and includes tools to assist with book organization. After converting their book into eBook format, authors can distribute their book however they choose. One free option is SELF-e.
ShareSELF-e is a portal for sharing eBooks. Titles submitted to SELF-e undergo a basic screening process and then are added to the statewide MN Writes MN Reads collection. In addition, titles submitted are screened by staff from Library Journal. Library Journal selects a limited number of titles (at this time only fiction) to make available to readers across the country. Authors retain all rights to books submitted to SELF-e.
ReadBiblioBoard is the place where readers find this content. This easy-to-use platform features work from a wide variety of genres, including comics, history, art, graphic novels, young adult novels and romance. There are an unlimited number of checkouts, meaning that readers never have to wait for a book to be available. And there are no return periods (therefore never any late fees!).
“Leading indie authors agree that building an audience of readers is the biggest challenge they face. This program marries a great eBook experience with the validation of the most respected library review resource in the world. The result is a program that enables writers to share their work with their local communities and with libraries around the country,” says Mitchell Davis, founder and Chief Business Officer of BiblioBoard, the vendor behind these three resources.
Libraries are increasingly places of content creation, in addition to content consumption, and MN Writes MN Reads offers tools to help writers create and share their work. East Central Regional Library is excited to offer MN Writes MN Reads, which will enable the sharing of a wide and diverse array of local stories. These resources will give local writers broader exposure and give readers access to locally-produced content.
East Central Regional Library is happy to offer individualized training sessions on the MN Writes MN Reads resources to local writers groups. If your group is interested, please contact Mindy Hicks, Resource Librarian, at 763-689-7390 or
Visit for more information.

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