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“Look What’s Cookin’ at your library” took on a whole new meaning as the delicious smell of stone soup filled the library this past Wednesday, July 2. Of course the soup had lots more than just a stone in it. 10 vegetables, plus beef, pasta, and seasonings were prepared under the watchful eyes of volunteers Michelle Letourneau and Alyssa Prater. After hearing the story “Stone Soup”, kids surrounded a table of work stations and were all peeling, chopping, dicing, slicing, grating, or julienning (is that a word?) It was a sight to behold! And then while the soup was cooking, they kept busy with other stories, games, and activities until it was time to sample the yummy results of their labors. Much thanks to those two gals for all the time they enthusiastically put into prep and production.

This week’s event on Wednesday, July 9 will be the “Happy Birthday, Minnesota” party where Lori Klar and Mindy Johnson will help the kids celebrate our state’s sesquicentennial. A special part of this celebration will be stories told of early Minnesota by guest storyteller, Steven Keillor. 150 years deserves a party and details will be in next week’s column.

Winners in the Teen level program for week three were Colton Blesi, Robert Bustamante, and Janiqua Robinson, while week four’s winners were Chris Carlstrom, Erika Winter, and Liz Sikkink. Congratulation to all of you and keep on reading and entering!!!

A new feature this year is a drawing for prizes for parents, or other adults who have been helping their kids participate in the summer reading program. It’s one way to say thank you for all the efforts they have to put in to enhance their kid’s library experiences. Prizes are from the Daily Dollar store, who generously donated a portion of them. Make sure you register when you’re here with your kids!

Holy scavenger hunts!!! The activity around the library gets intense as kids scurry around searching for items or pictures for the various hunts…and this week a new one will begin. This one appropriately has to do with the great state in which we are all fortunate enough to live in.

Ceci Cross-Maser, Hinckley Branch Librarian

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