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Library Online is open while branches are closed

East Central Regional Library branches are closed this week while we transfer our data to a new online library system. Just like road construction season, when sometimes the transportation department has to close a road in order to make major upgrades, we’ve closed all 14 of our branches in order to perform the migration of data. During this week, staff members are learning the new system so that when we re-open they’ll be ready to serve the public and help people use the new online catalog.

In truth, I think that many people will find that the new catalog is so user friendly that they will easily find what they need on their own. The menu screens are cleanly designed, and options are clearly described.

We’ve been testing the system for a couple months. All library records are transferring correctly, the hold lists are maintained, even fines and fees are transferred (sorry ).

In the meantime, all of our online resources are still available – our online branch never closes. For the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) – use this link to MnKnows.

Newsflash! Find Encyclopedia Britannica in 3 editions (Academic, Public Library, and School editions). Select the MnKnows box above > select “ELM” > select “Databases, alphabetically” from the left menu > find “Britannica . . . “

Please note that you won’t be able to request through MnLINK during this time, because MnLINK relies on the ECRL system to authenticate your library card.

While the ECRL branches are closed, you might find AskMN especially useful. At AskMN, you can contact a librarian (in real time) to get questions answered that you would usually ask someone at an ECRL branch. AskMN is ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Besides MnKnows, our other popular ECRL resources are still there: Chiltons, Learn a Test, NoveList — find them here: https://www.ecrlib.org/database.html
The other resource provided by ECRL is Ancestry.com, which is only available in our branches (no remote access due to licensing restrictions).

We will re-open with our shiny new catalog the week of May 24th — but then, we’re really not completely closed!

Barbara Misselt, Director

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