Macmillan eBooks

Macmillan Publishers have expanded their eBooks which they offer for library lending via Overdrive.  
Back in March, Macmillan launched a pilot program, offering their back-list romance and mystery titles for libraries, such as East Central Regional Library to license for our Digital Library.
Now, Macmillan is offering all of their back-list eBooks for library lending.  Essentially anything published 12 months ago or longer will be made available for libraries to license via Overdrive.  Macmillan will continue to add back-list books as they become eligible on a monthly basis.
Macmillan eBooks will follow the one-copy/one-user lending model, and libraries will be able to circulate each copy for 24 months or 52 checkouts, whichever comes first.  This does come with a cost increase.  All titles cost $40.00 for each copy East Central Regional licenses. (Previously, Macmillan titles cost $25.00 per license.)  After the 24 months or 52 checkouts, ECRL will have to purchase an additional license in order to retain the title in our eBook collection.
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

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