More Kill A Watt Monitors Donated to Library

Press Release

Back in February four Kill A Watt monitors were donated to East Central Regional Library for circulation to its patrons by East Central Energy. Almost immediately we had a waiting list for the monitors. With the demand so high, Mille Lacs Energy in Aitkin, donated two more Kill A Watt monitors to the library. Mille Lacs Energy services customers in Aitkin, Crow Wing and Mille Lacs counties. Any registered patron of East Central Regional Library may check out and use the monitor.

Winter may be over, but often times we use even more energy in the summer months. Everyone wants to save money and A Kill A Watt can do just that. It is a device that can help you identify what appliances in your home are the biggest energy abusers. Simply plug Kill A Watt into any appliance (refrigerator, fan, computer, etc.) and it will assess how efficiently it runs. It has a large LCD display that counts the number of kilowatts per hour used by an appliance just like your local electric utility company.

Is it time to replace that window air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier? Are they the reason that your utility bill is so high? A Kill A Watt monitor can help you make that decision by giving you the information you need.

How do I borrow a Kill A Watt device to use? Simply visit your local East Central Regional Library branch or visit the library’s website at and place a hold on a Kill A Watt device. You will be notified when one becomes available. Then simply drop by your nearest ECRL branch to pick it up.

Thank you to Mille Lacs Energy and East Central Energy for their invaluable donations. These monitors will help consumers in the region make informed decisions on their energy usage. So why not take advantage of the Kill A Watt device and use the information you discover to help you save money? Plug it in and find “watts” killing you. Contact your local ECRL branch for more information.

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