New Brain Fitness Kits!

In 2016, East Central Regional Library introduced Brain Fitness Kits to its collection.  Studies have shown a direct link between playing games and retaining brain functions. Each Brain Fitness Kit contains four games that help keep or build brain power.  The kits were created with this purpose, but all ages will enjoy the games.

In the two years since introducing Brain Fitness Kits, they have been proven to be wildly popular and a valued part of the East Central Regional Library collection.  As a result, Princeton Area Library has received a donation from the Trinity Outreach Fund to purchase 6 new Brain Fitness Kits to add to East Central Regional Library’s collection. As an additional benefit, some of the games in these kits are large print, making it easier to enjoy the game more and play for longer periods without eyestrain.
Two sets of Kits #25-27 are available now. See the new games in the guide below!
Kit #25

  • Lunar Landings
  • Giant Uno
  • CODE: Rover Control
  • Swish

Kit #26

  • Fidgitz
  • CODE: Robot Repair
  • Cat Crimes
  • Safari Rush Hour

Kit #27

  • CODE: On the Brink
  • Color Cube Sudoku
  • Shape Logic
  • E-Z-See LoVision Playing Cards

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