New Music CDs

The following music CD titles have been added to our catalog. Click here to search for and place holds on your favorite artist. All these titles will be published in April 2016.
TOP 40
Bang Zoom Crazy…Hello by Cheap Trick  4/1/16
White Album by Weezer   4/1/16
Cleopatra by The Lumineers   4/8/16
NOW That’s What I Call Music 58   4/29/16
Santana IV by  Santana  4/15/16
Music is Medicine by Marie Osmond   4/15/16
New Lane Road by Josh Kelley  4/22/16
Reckless by Martina McBride  4/29/16
Upland Stories by Robbie Fulks   4/1/16
Never Enders by Lonestar   4/15/16

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