New Music CDs

New music CDs have been added to the catalog. Click here to search for and place your holds on these popular artists.

Artist Title STREET DATE
TOP 40
Bowie, David Blackstar 8-Jan-16
Platten, Rachel Wildfire 1-Jan-16
Puth, Charlie Nine Track Mind 29-Jan-16
The Mrs. Enough 29-Jan-16
Various Artists 2016 Grammy Nominees 22-Jan-16
Brothers Osborne Pawn Shop 15-Jan-16
Corcoran, Dianna In America 29-Jan-16
Green River Ordinance Fifteen 22-Jan-16
Williams, Hank, Jr It’s About Time 15-Jan-16
Randy Rogers Band Nothing Shines Like Neon 15-Jan-16

Marcia Ledin, Technical Services Manager

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