New Teen Book Club Kits at ECRL

Not only does East Central Regional Library have adult book club kits, we have book club kits for teens.  Each kit contains 12 copies of each title, and specific guides of the book for use by book club members.   These kits are great for teachers, youth leaders or anyone that wants to lead a teen book club.  Plus they make great choices for those adult book clubs looking for something new or wanting to branch out.
Recently over 25 new teen book club kits were added to our list.  We now have over 50 teen book club kits that may be borrowed from any ECRL branch.  For a list of all the kits go to
Each kit comes in a plastic tote box. ECRL Book Club Kits may be reserved up to one year in advance, and can be checked out for 6 weeks.  Stop by your local ECRL branch and reserve one today by filling out a book club request form.
This month we would like to highlight one of our teen book club kits, Salt to the Sea by Rita Septys.  It is an important novel that rings true with so many people today, the fight and flight of refugees.
In 1945, World War II is drawing to a close in East Prussia and thousands of refugees are on a desperate trek toward freedom, almost all of them with something to hide. Among them are Joana, Emilia, and Florian, whose paths converge en route to the ship that promises salvation, the Wilhelm Gustloff. Forced by circumstance to unite, the three find their strength, courage, and trust in each other tested with each step closer toward safety. Just when it seems freedom is within their grasp, tragedy strikes. Not country, nor culture, nor status matter as all ten thousand people aboard must fight for the same thing: survival.
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