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Author Title Pub. Date
Brunstetter, Wanda E. The Christmas Secret 10/01/16
Clark, Carol Higgins Knocked 1/03/17
Gary, Codi Hot Winter Nights 12/06/16
Gray, Shelley Shepard An Amish Family Christmas 10/18/16
Griffin, W. E. B. Curtain of Death 12/27/16
Hauck, Rachel A Royal Christmas Wedding 10/18/16
Hayley, Elizabeth Dazzling 11/01/16
Hayley, Elizabeth Exquisite 1/03/17
Hayley, Elizabeth Radiant 12/06/16
Higgins, Jack The Midnight Bell 12/27/16
Horowitz, Laurie The Mating Season 9/06/16
Jackson, Lisa Expecting to Die 12/27/16
Kingsbury, Karen A Baxter Family Christmas 10/25/16
Klassen, Julie The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill 12/06/16
Krentz, Jayne Ann When All the Girls Have Gone 11/29/16
Linden, Jessica Bodyguard 11/01/16
Mclaughlin, Jen A Wedding in Maine 1/03/17
Palmer, Diana Wyoming Brave 12/27/16
Patterson, James Black & Blue 12/06/16
Patterson, James Chase 8/02/16
Doe, John Embargoed Bestseller 11/01/16
Patterson, James The Christmas Mystery 12/06/16
Patterson, James The Coldest January 1/03/17
Patterson, James The End : An Owen Taylor Story 1/03/17
Peterson, Tracie In the Shadow of Denali 1/03/17
Steel, Danielle The Mistress 1/03/17
Towle, Samantha Sacking the Quarterback 9/06/16


Author Title Pub. Date
Beaton, M. C. Pushing Up Daisies 10/05/16
Burke, James Lee The Jealous Kind 9/07/16
Castillo, Linda Among the Wicked 9/01/16
Chiaverini, Jennifer Fates and Traitors 10/05/16
Fluke, Joanne Christmas Caramel Murder 10/05/16
Griffin, W. E. B. Broken Trust 9/07/16
Harris, Charlaine All the Little Liars 10/05/16
Johnson, Craig An Obvious Fact 10/05/16
Krueger, William Kent Manitou Canyon 9/21/16
Lewis, Beverly The Wish 9/07/16
Lindsey, Johanna Make Me Love You 9/01/16
Michaels, Fern Fast and Loose 9/07/16
Miller, Linda Lael Always a Cowboy 9/07/16
Patterson, James Never Never 1/16/17
Peterson, Tracie A Love Transformed 9/07/16
Scottoline, Lisa Damaged 9/07/16
Smith, Alexander Mccall Precious and Grace 10/11/16
Steel, Danielle The Mistress 1/03/17


Author Title Pub. Date
Amen, Daniel G. The Brain Warrior s Way Cookbook 11/22/16
Lewis, Michael The Undoing Project 12/06/16
Mann, William J. The Wars of the Roosevelts 12/06/16
Michaels, Jillian Yeah Baby! 11/15/16
Osteen, Joel Think Better, Live Better 10/04/16


Author Title Pub. Date
Clark, Carol Higgins Knocked : A Regan Reilly Mystery 1/03/17
Clark, Mary Higgins The Sleeping Beauty Killer 11/15/16
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels Chaos 11/15/16
Graham, Heather Darkest Journey 9/27/16
Kingsbury, Karen A Baxter Family Christmas 10/25/16
Rollins, James The Seventh Plague 12/13/16

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