New Pine City Branch Librarian Named

“I’m so lucky to be entering a community that is so invested in its library, which cares about its success and its librarian,” says the new Pine City Branch Librarian, Sarah Biro.  She is overwhelmed by the warm welcome she has received and of course, working in the beautiful new library is wonderful.  Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree from the College of St. Benedict and recently completed her Masters of Library and Information Science from Drexel University.

Before coming to Pine City, she worked at several surrounding library systems and university libraries including the Anoka County Library, St. John’s University-Alcuin Library, Great River Regional Library and St. Cloud State University.  Sarah was able to gain a wealth of experience by working in several different library departments including reference, circulation, interlibrary loan and technical services.  It has given her a broad spectrum of library experience that will no doubt serve her well in her new position as Pine City Branch Librarian.

Sarah, as an avid reader, “grew up in public libraries; attending storytime, checking out books, participating in summer reading programs, and maxing out her checkout limit.”  She happened upon a part-time library aide position in high school and never looked back.  Her job titles and responsibilities have changed over the years, but her “love for libraries has only grown.”  One of her favorite quotes is from the book, The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown – “There is no problem a library card can’t solve.”  She feels lucky to have stumbled upon a career which she loves so early in life. 

Sarah is “excited to use the insight” she has gained from all her previous library experience and what she has learned as she finished her Master’s degree.  She hopes to “build on the library’s success, serving the needs of the Pine city library users and operating the library as efficiently as possible.”

Sarah will serve as Grand Marshal of the Pine County Parade on Saturday, August 6 along with retired Pine City branch librarian, Christy Koch.  Wave as she rides by or even better, stop by the Pine City Public Library and take a moment to welcome her.

Vickie Sorn
Youth & Community Services Librarian

Weather calculators

We’re having a really hot summer here in east central Minnesota. But I’ll bet that those of us living here already knew that. It’s been a year of extremes – just a couple months ago, we thought that summer had been canceled. Six months ago each snowfall broke a new record. Mostly, living in Minnesota, the weather gives us lots to talk about.

Here’s a nifty tool from the National Weather Service to calculate heat index (and make you look real smart around the water cooler.)
Also, follow the link for “Heat Index Chart and Explanation.” And to be prepared, there’s a link to more calculators, where you can calculate the wind chill in just a few months. Uff da!

Barbara Misselt, Director

Legislative Women’s Legislative Timeline Published

The following is a press release about the new Minnesota Women’s Legislative Timeline from the Legislative Reference Library

Timeline shows key laws passed for women since suffrage in 1920.

On June 15, 2011, the Legislative Reference Library of the State of Minnesota and the Office on the Economic Status of Women published an interactive online historical timeline. The timeline looks at the history of legislation affecting women enacted in Minnesota since the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920. The state laws featured on the timeline show the legislative progression of women’s rights in Minnesota since women earned the right to vote.

Funded by a grant from the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program, this timeline is the culmination of research into the types of laws that were significant milestones for women in the state of Minnesota. Resources included the Legislative Reference Library, Office on the Economic Status of Women archives, Minnesota Historical Society, interviews, surveys and commentary from historians and leaders who have worked on women’s issues in Minnesota.

Of the many fascinating insights into women’s history in Minnesota, the timeline shows that after a flurry of post-suffrage legislation in the 1920s, women’s legislative issues in Minnesota receded during the years before and after World War II, only to resurface with marked strength in the post-Civil Rights years of the 1970s and 1980s. One key component of the timeline project was determining which laws to feature. Said project co-director Amy Brenengen, “We were able to choose from over one hundred relevant laws during this time period, and highlight some key milestones. We got excellent feedback from the academic and women’s rights communities and touched on areas ranging from economics to health to female jurors! It’s an important reminder of the incremental but vital steps taken by the state of Minnesota to ensure fair treatment of women across a wide spectrum of issues.”

The project was spearheaded by Robbie LaFleur, Director of the Legislative Reference Library, and Amy Brenengen, former Director of the Office on the Economic Status of Women. Project staff included Mary McGreevy, Elizabeth Lincoln, Mike Schatz, and Jennifer Schwope.

The public is invited to view the timeline at, and to share your feedback.