Website and Mail access

Good morning,

As of this morning our website and staff email should be accessible from all branches and from home. This means that if you have patrons or staff who still cannot access our content, you should let us know.



E-Mail Life-saver

Now that our e-mail is back, here's a tip for using Squirrel Mail that has
been a life-saver for me. In the past I would often lose something I was
composing due to a time-out or whatever. To prevent losing your valuable
compositions, do the following:
Go to Options, then Display Preferences and look for Message Display and
Composition. Scroll down until you see "Compose Messages in a New Window."
Click "yes"
That's all there is to it. Your composition will remain in the taskbar at
the bottom of your computer with the heading
You can toggle back and forth to it, add to or edit your message and then send it when you are ready.
Hope this was helpful.
Marilyn M.


Well it looks like email is back to full function, very basic function, but full. We have been able to successfully send and receive email from the outside now that all of the ducks are in a row.

At this point you should be able to send and receive email from external users. If you are using Outlook Express you will be able to view your received email but not be able send any out. We are aware of this and will get it fixed in the near future.

We have seen instances where people have been unable to access email through the webmail link on the homepage, most of the time this has been resolved by either clearing the browser cache, refreshing the website, or clicking on the link in the blog (provided here again) If none of these solutions works for you please let us know.

We will be getting rid of the required for login and we will be recreating all of the generic email accounts and groups.

We are also aware of the problems with patrons accessing the website from home. We are going to hold off on investigating this until next week because many of the changes that the state made will gradually phase in for everyone over the next 48 hours and so many of them many start working without any intervention. Remote access to our subscription databases is on the list of things to fix, but again we will wait for the dust to settle next week before making any changes.

Thank you again for your patience, this is our baseline and we will be working to improve everyday going forward.


Progress Report


Well we are not where we were hoping to be by now. We have resolved our issues with the State and are now chasing down problems with our server configuration. All of the pieces are in place it is now just a matter of getting them all to play nicely. I again appreciate your patience with this process and hope to have us back on track tomorrow.