Summer Library Fun at Hinckley Public Library

Library kids had a great time last week celebrating the 150th birthday ofthe state of Minnesota. Guest storyteller, Steven Keillor, entertainedwith stories from our great state’s past. Following his delightfulanecdotes, volunteers Lori Klar and Mindy Johnson kept the kids busy witha gummy worm fishing game, creating colorful pictures of Minnesota symbolswhich were crafted into a …

Library News from Hinckley

“Look What’s Cookin’ at your library” took on a whole new meaning as the delicious smell of stone soup filled the library this past Wednesday, July 2. Of course the soup had lots more than just a stone in it. 10 vegetables, plus beef, pasta, and seasonings were prepared under the watchful eyes of volunteers …

WHAT’S IT WORTH? The Library Can Help!

Like many people, I enjoy poking around flea markets, antique shows, and book fairs. Michael Sparks does, also. In 2006 he was browsing through a thrift store in Nashville, Tennessee, and purchased an old print of the Declaration of Independence for $2.48; on March 22, 2007, he sold that “old print” at auction for $477,650. …

Branch email address

Hello, Branch email address,, are available again. They have the same generic password that your users started with. Any questions give us a call. Andy

Website and Mail access

Good morning, As of this morning our website and staff email should be accessible from all branches and from home. This means that if you have patrons or staff who still cannot access our content, you should let us know. Thanks, Andy