Website and Mail access

Good morning, As of this morning our website and staff email should be accessible from all branches and from home. This means that if you have patrons or staff who still cannot access our content, you should let us know. Thanks, Andy

E-Mail Life-saver

Now that our e-mail is back, here’s a tip for using Squirrel Mail that hasbeen a life-saver for me. In the past I would often lose something I wascomposing due to a time-out or whatever. To prevent losing your valuablecompositions, do the following:Go to Options, then Display Preferences and look for Message Display andComposition. Scroll …


Well it looks like email is back to full function, very basic function, but full. We have been able to successfully send and receive email from the outside now that all of the ducks are in a row. At this point you should be able to send and receive email from external users. If you …

Progress Report

Hello, Well we are not where we were hoping to be by now. We have resolved our issues with the State and are now chasing down problems with our server configuration. All of the pieces are in place it is now just a matter of getting them all to play nicely. I again appreciate your …

Wednesday afternoon update

Andy continues to work with OET (Office of Enterprise Technology, the state agency that does our internet) to resolve DNS (domain name server) issues, etc. Please remember, that the path to the website is Barbara