Sandstone Area Community Resources

City Offices are closed to the public, however, staff is working in closed conditions, each in separate offices. They are taking phone calls and payments can be made at the drop off outside and inside the building.

Banks have closed lobbies but drive through is open. Northview Bank in Askov is closed.

Pine County offices and facilities are closed to walk in traffic until further notice. The courthouse and government center remain open at this time.

All restaurants are closed until further notice. Quarry Pizza is open for call in, pick up and delivery.

Rich’s Bar is closed but liquor sales are open.

Essentia Health is postponing all routine appointment and elective procedures for at least two weeks

Chris’s grocery store remains open and grocery delivery is still available for seniors (no change)

No church services at Grace Lutheran and Dell Grove Emmanuel Lutheran

Deputy Registrar is closed.

Senior Dining has been cancelled

Post Office remains open

School is delivering meals and homework to kids.