Legacy Catalog Requests

Please fill in all the necessary information below.

All catalog selections must be received by the deadline in order to get them booked in a timely manner. If you miss the deadline you need to contact the Programming Librarian.

Step 1: You review the catalog and consider the choices.

Step 2: Review your previously and upcoming Legacy events and keep those in mind as you make your selection.

Step 3: Select 3 programs and rank them in your order of preference.

Step 4: Review your meeting room calendar & branch calendar. If you have time or it is possibly, please consider reviewing your school and community calendars as well.

Step 5: Select two dates and times for each program, please use the 12 hour am/pm format. Also please give us specific times and dates not ranges. For example. Tuesday, January 2nd at 6:00pm.

Step 6: Fill out the webform below.

**NEW**Step 7:  Pencil in date you have requested on your meeting room calendar.