SYNC Week 8: Relationships Are Complicated

This week’s pair of free audiobooks from SYNC includes a highly popular novel from acclaimed young adult author David Levithan, and an audio drama from Scottish playwright Rona Munro that will likely be new to all listeners here. Together, they are about finding love, losing love, and doing what it takes to get love back in a crazy-wonderful world.

Donny’s Brain by Rona Munro

The play is about a man who wakes up from a car crash with brain damage. Now, he sees the world as the person he was three years ago, when his life and loves were in a very different place. This leads to confusion not only for him, but also for his hospital visitors, who include his former wife and his current girlfriend. Who are we when our brains change? Do we remain the same, or do new identities emerge?

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan


What if you went to a school where it was actually all right to be who you really are? Boy Meets Boy tells the story of the difficulties of young love in contemporary America—even in a place where gay identity, cross dressing, and football are all equally accepted and at home.  Stonewall Honor and Lambda Literary Award winner.  Remember, June is LGBT Pride Month!
Thank you to L.A. Theatre Works and Full Cast Audio for providing this week’s titles.
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Remember — grab these titles before they are replaced by a new pairing on 6/30/2016! While the title availability is time-limited, your listening time is not. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files, the audiobook is yours to listen to at your leisure.
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