Take Action for Libraries!

Today is Take Action for Libraries Day! While the day is a national effort observed for the first time in 2017 as a response to proposed cuts to federal funds for libraries, there are many ways library advocates can speak up or take action to show how vital libraries are to our communities! Action can […]

Advocacy for libraries at the Capitol

#MNLibrariesTransform because there are 10,000 opportunities for lakeside reading. #MNLibrariesTransform was the theme on Tuesday, March 6, when East Central Regional Library staff spent the day at the State Capitol talking to the region’s legislators about issues important to libraries including library funding. This exciting day included appointments with nine members of the House and […]

Monday morning humor

Frazz, by Jef Mallett (Sep 18, 2004) Thanks to Stephen Abrams at Stephen’s Lighthouse for digging up this old gem (with lots of truth) Barbara Misselt, Director

Regional library system offers a template for cooperation

From the Star Tribune, January 19, 2009by Mark Ranum, Minneapolis; Legislative Chair, Minnesota Library Association Letter of the day: Regional library system offers a template for cooperation Gov. Tim Pawlenty believes in sharing resources to create efficiency. So do I. He wants to create 15 new “regional enterprises” to manage and run human-services programs. If […]

Legislative Session Now On

This time of year the Legislature is in session and much of my energy and attention is spent on the Capitol in Saint Paul. There is a tension and excitement to the process. With the economy on the downturn, and the economic forecast predictions that state revenues will decline, legislators are displaying fiscal conservatism — […]