RESCHEDULED: North Branch Kids Summer Book Club

Due to expected rain, the North Branch Kids Summer Book Club, originally scheduled for this afternoon (June 28) on the patio is canceled. The good news is that the Book Club is being rescheduled for July 12th which means there’s now time for more kids (recommended grades 4-6) to read the book and join the […]

Cowboy Pride: join the digital book club!

Inspired by Pride and Prejudice, author Lacy Williams has introduced a new dual love story with a Wild West twist. Voted on by librarians and library readers, Cowboy Pride, has been selected for the next Big Library Read. From July 9-23, East Central Regional Library readers will be able to borrow the eBook with no wait […]

New Book Club Kits!

Happy 2018, book clubs! It’s time to get down to business: planning your book club’s 2018 picks.  We’re here to help. Below are brand new titles added to East Central Regional Library’s book club kit collection! Each kit contains 12 copies of a single title and related discussion questions in a folder. Kits may be checked […]

The Other Einstein Discussion Questions

Are you reading The Other Einstein along with us during the Big Library Read? Join us in a conversation below, or use these questions to discuss with your Book Club or those around you! Discuss the various ways that gender affects the characters in this novel. Do you think gender would influence Mileva’s life in […]

Book Club Kits are now on the shelves!

Book Club Kits are now available on the shelves at all the ECRL branch libraries for checkout. Book Club Kits make it easier for book clubs to find good titles to enjoy with enough copies for everyone.  East Central Regional Library has a variety of Book Club Kits available for checkout. Each Kit contains 12 paperback […]

Big Library Read: Letter From the Author

Join the Big Library Read! Borrow The Other Einstein eBook from ECRL’s OverDrive Digital Library.   Marie Benedict also stopped by the Professional Book Nerds podcast.  Check it out! Listen to her podcast interview. For more information about the Big Library Read, start here.

Big Library Read: The Other Einstein

She’s the woman behind one of the most famous men of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein. Meet Mileva Marić, The Other Einstein. You can learn all about this remarkable woman by participating in the world’s largest global eBook library reading club, Big Library Read. Millions of readers around the world will read the eBook The Other Einstein at the […]

May Teen Book Club Kit Highlight

May’s teen book club kit highlight is a National Book Award Winner, Challenger Deep by New York Times bestselling author, Neal Shusterman.  It’s an exploration of mental illness and a teenage boy who struggles with schizophrenia.  The book is based partly on the experiences of the author’s son, who is also the book’s illustrator. Watch the […]

New Teen Book Club Kits at ECRL

Not only does East Central Regional Library have adult book club kits, we have book club kits for teens.  Each kit contains 12 copies of each title, and specific guides of the book for use by book club members.   These kits are great for teachers, youth leaders or anyone that wants to lead a teen […]

Dig Deeper into Big Library Read

  Have you finished reading a Murder in Time as part of the Big Library Read?  Here’s the Reading Group Guide. Comment below or join the discussion at We learn early on that Kendra’s relationship with her parents is complicated. How do you think her childhood experiences shaped her worldview, and how does that play into […]