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Author Title Pub. Date
Bunn, T. Davis Firefly Cove 12/26/2017
Byler, Linda Hope on the Plains 11/7/2017
Clipston, Amy A Place at Our Table 11/14/2017
Connealy, Mary Too Far Down 10/3/2017
Gray, Shelley Shepard Love Held Captive 10/10/2017
Griffin, W. E. B. Death at Nuremberg 12/26/2017
Grisham, John The Rooster Bar 10/24/2017
Hatcher, Robin Lee You re Gonna Love Me 12/12/2017
Hunter, Denise Blue Ridge Sunrise 11/7/2017
Koontz, Dean R. The Whispering Room 1/9/2018
Krentz, Jayne Ann Promise Not to Tell 1/2/2018
Peterson, Tracie Out of the Ashes 1/2/2018
Preston, Douglas City of Endless Night 1/16/2018
Woods, Stuart Unbound 1/2/2018


New titles added!

New titles have been added to the catalog. See if your favorite author has a new release this fall.


Author Title Pub. Date
Andrews, Donna How the Finch Stole Christmas! 10/24/17
Andrews, V. C. Shattered Memories 10/31/17
Archer, Jeffrey Tell Tale : Short Stories 10/24/17
Baldacci, David End Game 11/14/17
Brown, Rita Mae Crazy Like a Fox 10/17/17
Chapman, Vannetta When the Bishop Needs an Alibi 9/01/17
Child, Lee The Midnight Line 11/07/17
Clark, Mary Higgins Every Breath You Take 11/14/17
Connelly, Michael Two Kinds of Truth 10/31/17
Coonts, Stephen The Armageddon File 11/06/17
Cussler, Clive Typhoon Fury 11/07/17
Erdrich, Louise Future Home of the Living God 11/14/17
Evanovich, Janet Hardcore Twenty-Four 11/14/17
Evans, Richard Paul The Nöel Diary 11/07/17
Graham, Heather American Drifter 11/14/17
Howard, Linda The Woman Left Behind 11/07/17
Johansen, Iris Mind Game 10/24/17
Kellerman, Faye Killing Season 10/17/17
Kingsbury, Karen In This Moment 11/07/17
McCall Smith, Alexander The House of Unexpected Sisters 11/07/17
Palmer, Diana Wyoming Winter 10/31/17
Patterson, James Count to Ten : A Private Novel 11/14/17
Sandford, John Deep Freeze 10/17/17
Woods, Sherryl Lilac Lane 10/17/17
Woods, Stuart Quick & Dirty 10/24/17


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  • All Summer Long by Carlson, Melody (6/07/16)
  • Among the Wicked by Castillo, Linda (7/12/16)
  • Insidious by Coulter, Catherine (7/05/16)
  • The Pursuit by Evanovich, Janet (6/21/16)
  • First Comes Love by Giffin, Emily (6/28/16)
  • A Daughter’s Dream by Gray, Shelley Shepard (5/24/16)
  • Sea Rose Lane by Hannon, Irene (6/07/16)
  • The Highwayman by Johnson, Craig (5/17/16)
  • Born of Legend by Kenyon, Sherrilyn (6/21/16)
  • Make Me Love You by Lindsey, Johanna (7/05/16)
  • Chance Developments by McCall Smith, Alexander (7/12/16)
  • Defender by Palmer, Diana (6/28/16)
  • Private Rio by Patterson, James (6/27/16)
  • A Beauty Refined by Peterson, Tracie (7/05/16)
  • Magic by Steel, Danielle (7/05/16)
  • Dishonorable Intentions by Woods, Stuart (7/12/16)


  • Loving Eleanor by Albert, Susan Wittig (3/02/16)
  • Cometh the Hour by Archer, Jeffrey (3/02/16)
  • If I Run by Blackstock, Terri (3/02/16)
  • Off the Grid by Box, C. J. (4/01/16)
  • Devonshire Scream by Childs, Laura (3/02/16)
  • The Gangster by Cussler, Clive (3/02/16)
  • The Steel Kiss by Deaver, Jeffery (3/08/16)
  • The Pursuit by Evanovich, Janet (6/21/16)
  • The Mistletoe Inn by Evans, Richard Paul (4/01/16)
  • Wedding Cake Murder by Fluke, Joanne (3/02/16)
  • All Summer Long by Frank, Dorothea Benton (6/14/16)
  • Here’s to Us by Hilderbrand, Elin (6/14/16)
  • Clawback by Jance, Judith A. (3/02/16)
  • A Brush of Wings by Kingsbury, Karen (3/29/16)
  • The House of Secrets by Meltzer, Brad (6/07/16)
  • No Safe Secret by Michaels, Fern (3/29/16)
  • Once A Rancher by Miller, Linda Lael (4/06/16)
  • Private Rio by Patterson, James (6/27/16)
  • A Treasure Concealed by Peterson, Tracie (3/02/16)
  • Magic by Steel, Danielle (7/05/16)
  • Family Jewels by Woods, Stuart (3/28/16)


  • Grunt by Roach, Mary (6/07/16)


  • The Weekenders by Andrews, Mary Kay (5/17/16)
  • The Last Mile by Baldacci, David (4/19/16)
  • Boar Island by Barr, Nevada (5/17/16)
  • Larose by Erdrich, Louise (5/10/16)
  • Troublemaker by Howard, Linda (5/10/16)
  • The Apartment by Steel, Danielle (5/03/16)

Forthcoming titles

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Title Author Pub. Date
Cometh the Hour Archer, Jeffrey 2/23/16
Death of a Nurse Beaton, M. C. 2/23/16
Off the Grid Box, C. J. 3/08/16
The Revelation Brunstetter, Wanda E. 2/01/16
On Lone Star Trail Cabot, Amanda 2/02/16
Joshua s Mission Chapman, Vannetta 2/01/16
Devonshire Scream Childs, Laura 3/01/16
The Gangster Cussler, Clive 3/01/16
The Steel Kiss Deaver, Jeffery 3/08/16
A Heart Once Broken Eicher, Jerry S. 2/01/16
Dark Promises Feehan, Christine 3/15/16
Wedding Cake Murder Fluke, Joanne 2/23/16
A Son s Vow Gray, Shelley Shepard 1/26/16
Gone Again Grippando, James 3/01/16
Keeper of the Stars Hatcher, Robin Lee 1/26/16
Clawback Jance, Judith A. 3/08/16
A Girl s Guide to Moving On Macomber, Debbie 3/08/16
Fancy Dancer Michaels, Fern 10/01/15
NYPD Red 4 Patterson, James 3/14/16
A Treasure Concealed Peterson, Tracie 3/01/16
Blue Steel, Danielle 2/23/16
Behold the Man Thoene, Bodie 3/01/16


Title Author Pub. Date
The Way I See It Grandin, Temple 11/01/15
The Last of the President s Men Woodward, Bob 10/13/15
Title Author Pub. Date
Death of a Nurse Beaton, M. C. 2/23/16
House of the Rising Sun Burke, James Lee 12/02/15
All Dressed in White Clark, Mary Higgins 12/02/15
The Pharaoh s Secret : A Novel from the Numa Files Cussler, Clive 12/02/15
The Last Midwife Dallas, Sandra 11/01/15
The Mistletoe Promise Evans, Richard Paul 12/01/15
The Survivor Flynn, Vince 11/01/15
Playing With Fire Gerritsen, Tess 12/01/15
Gone Again Grippando, James 3/01/16
Fear the Dark Hooper, Kay 11/01/15
Ashley Bell Koontz, Dean R. 12/08/15
Secret Sisters Krentz, Jayne Ann 12/02/15
A Girl s Guide to Moving on Macomber, Debbie 3/08/16
Christmas in Mustang Creek : Brides of Bliss County Miller, Linda Lael 12/01/15
Wyoming Rugged Palmer, Diana 12/16/15
Nypd Red 4 Patterson, James 3/14/16
Blue Steel, Danielle 2/23/16
Who Do You Love Weiner, Jennifer 11/01/15
Title Author Pub. Date
The Bitter Season Hoag, Tami 1/12/16
After She s Gone Jackson, Lisa 12/29/15
Point Blank Michaels, Fern 12/29/15
Darkness Robards, Karen 1/12/16
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