Clearer descriptions

When you look for a DVD or book you search our online catalog, using words that describe the title, author, performer, or subject. Your search results depend on how ECRL’s catalogers put the information into the database for each item as it comes in. A new standard is being embraced that uses more descriptive and […]

NOVELIST – Your Guide to Fiction !

As we move into the chilly, dark days and nights of January, there’s nothing more rewarding than relaxing with a good book. Many people come to the library to request the latest bestsellers or to browse the new books recently added to the collection. Others like to discuss their favorite authors with library staff and […]

THE ROAD to Cormac McCarthy

When No Country For Old Men won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2007 I told myself, “I must read Cormac McCarthy.” I didn’t get around to it, however, until recently. I knew that All the Pretty Horses, volume one of “The Border Trilogy”, had received both the 1992 National Book Award and the National […]


Minnesota Dept. of Human Rights — Investigates charges of illegal discrimination under the Human Rights Act EEOC ( — Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigates charges pertaining to employment discrimination American Civil Liberties Union (– National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public The library has other sites of interest […]


It’s still possible to find that “perfect job”, even in this economy. The library can help! Check out the following books: “Knock ’em Dead 2009: The Ultimate Job Search Guide” by Martin John Yate“The Job Search Solution” by Tony Beshara “60 Seconds & You’re Hired” by Robin Ryan Need help polishing up your resume or […]


November 4, 2008 is election day! You may want to look at the following websites and familiarize yourself with your Federal and State governments. Become an informed citizen! In this election year you may also need to locate your polling place or view election results. Check out these sites: This is the official […]

Library on wheels

The Bookmobile is back on the road. After over a month in the repair shop getting a new engine, the Bookmobile is serving its patrons. It’s plain to see how much this mobile library service is loved by the people who wait for its arrival as they lamented over how much they missed it while […]

Congratulations, Sue

North Branch Librarian Sue Monroe has completed a class in American Sign Language. Sue says it was a very intense 6 weeks where she learned “the very basics of American sign language.” She very quickly found her new skills useful and told us about it in this e-mail: Today I had a deaf woman come […]