On the Run

Two boys on the run face danger — and struggle with mistrusting everyone around them.  

Week 3 of SYNC 2018 is here!

Johnny Get Your Gun by John Ball
On Two Feet and Wings by Abbas Kazerooni


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Head and Heart

Week 11 of AudiobookSYNC 2017 presents friendships that require work to create and to maintain.

Jyotsna Hariharan’s audio drama Rebuttal features two high school students who go from being competitors to being teammates. The cast supplies authentic voices for each of the characters, including the success-driven teens, a pair of Indian-American parents, and the adult debate announcer who sometimes has to serve as referee between the accidental teammates. Ambient auditory enhancements, including buzzers, footsteps, and closing doors, all make this easy for new audio readers to become immersed and sustain interest.

Ashley Royer’s novel Remember to Forget is about a mute teen who has been sent from his home in Australia to his father’s American household in the hopes that a change in scenery will help with his depression.

At a time in life when friendships made and broken seem like the most important thing in the world, teens can both enjoy and relate to these listens.


Available for a Limited Time
Remember — grab these titles before they are replaced by a new pairing on 7/13/2017! While the download time is limited, your listening time is not. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files, the eAudiobook is yours to keep.

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Adapted from Head and Heart