Catalog and Public Internet Computers currently down

Update 12:10 pm – This problem has been resolved.  Our catalog and public internet stations should be functioning normally again. We are experiencing problems with our catalog connectivity and access to our public internet stations at this time.  We expect this problem to be resolved shortly and will update here.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sandstone and Hinckley Phone and Internet Down

UPDATE: Service for phone and internet have been restored.   Phone and internet service at our Sandstone and Hinckley locations are currently down, although both branches will open as usual at 10:00. We are working to restore access, but in the meantime, please know that you can reach staff at our other locations by phone […]

Internet protest over Congressional bills

You may be wondering why if you go to Google today, you’ll see a black square, and a message about censoring the web. If you go to Wikipedia, you’ll find that the site is blacked out today, in protest over potential legislation that some say would limit access to the web and the information it […]