Macmillan eBooks

Macmillan Publishers have expanded their eBooks which they offer for library lending via Overdrive.  
Back in March, Macmillan launched a pilot program, offering their back-list romance and mystery titles for libraries, such as East Central Regional Library to license for our Digital Library.
Now, Macmillan is offering all of their back-list eBooks for library lending.  Essentially anything published 12 months ago or longer will be made available for libraries to license via Overdrive.  Macmillan will continue to add back-list books as they become eligible on a monthly basis.
Macmillan eBooks will follow the one-copy/one-user lending model, and libraries will be able to circulate each copy for 24 months or 52 checkouts, whichever comes first.  This does come with a cost increase.  All titles cost $40.00 for each copy East Central Regional licenses. (Previously, Macmillan titles cost $25.00 per license.)  After the 24 months or 52 checkouts, ECRL will have to purchase an additional license in order to retain the title in our eBook collection.
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

NOW AVAILABLE: Renew your eBooks & eAudiobooks in Overdrive!

The much anticipated feature of renewing eBooks & eAudiobooks on ECRL’s Digital Library is now available!

Here’s how it works:
The option to renew a title becomes available three days before the title is set to expire, appearing next to the title on your Bookshelf under your library Account on the Digital Library website. (Note:  NOT THE APP)

There is a limit of 1 renewal per checkout.
  1. Log into your library’s digital collection website and navigate to your Account.
  2. On your library Bookshelf, select the Renew icon next to the title you’d like to renew.
    Note: This option does not appear until three days before the title is supposed to expire.
    If there isn’t a waiting list for a title, the Renew icon will be green.  In this case, you can then borrow the title again immediately once your first checkout expires.
    Screenshot of the renew icon for a title with no existing holds
    If there is a waiting list for a title, the Renew icon will be grayed out. In this case, you can still use the renew feature to put yourself back on the waiting list.
    Screenshot of the renew icon for a title with existing holds
  3. Enter and confirm your email address, then click the Renew button.
    Screenshot of the renewal form
Once a title has successfully been renewed, its Renew icon on your library Bookshelf will have a green checkmark next to it.
Screenshot of the renew icon once a title has already been renewed
You can also track which titles you’ve renewed from your Holds page.

Here’s what’s different.  Your expiration date won’t change on your Bookshelf after you renew an item until your first checkout period expires. If the title is available for you to borrow again, you will receive an email notification. Click the link in that email or go to your Holds list to check out the title again.

YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE TITLE AGAIN.  Then your expiration date will change to reflect your renewal.

(Info taken from Overdrive’s Help page: How to renew digital titles).

Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

Penguin Group eBooks

If you remember, back in November of 2011, Penguin Publishing stopped licensing their eBooks to libraries via OverDrive. Well…

GOOD NEWS!  Penguin Publishing has rejoined the list of leading publishers allowing library lending of eBooks via OverDrive, our Digital Library vendor.  More than 17,000 Penguin eBooks are available for libraries such as East Central Regional Library to license for our Digital Library.
Penguin Group Publishing titles will follow the one copy/one user lending model, and libraries will be able to circulate each copy they license for 12 months (1 year).  Popular new releases will be priced at $18.99 per copy.  Backlist favorites will range from $5.99 -$9.99 per copy.   After 12 months, ECRL will have to purchase an additional license in order to retain the title in our eBook collection

eBooks published by Penguin Group include many favorite authors such as:
  • Nora Roberts
  • Tom Clancy
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Charlaine Harris
  • Lee Child
  • Iris Johansen
  • Christine Feehan
  • Kathy Reichs
  • Clive Cussler
  • W. E. B. Griffin
  • Harlan Coben
Also, remember that you can always suggest titles you wish to see added to ECRL’s Digital Library via the Recommend to Library feature.

Library lending of eBooks is an ever-changing world, and the tide is turning in our favor.  When ECRL launched eBooks in November 2011, 5 of the 7 biggest publishers did NOT allow library lending of eBooks.  Today, 5 of the 7 biggest publishers DO allow library lending of eBooks in some manner.  Keep track of which major publishers allow library lending of eBooks at the blog post “Why can’t I get this eBook from ECRL?” 
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

2nd Big Library Read

East Central Regional Library is participating in the second Big Library Read and you are invited to join us!  Join the global movement of passionate readers and library patrons who support the access of eBooks and eAudiobooks through your local library. 

With the success of the first Big Library Read, OverDrive, HarperCollins Publishers, and author Jane O’Connor, have partnered up to present the next Big Library Read, this time with a juvenile title.  More than 6,500 libraries worldwide are participating!   Kids and fans who grew up with Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy picture books will be especially thrilled.  They can spend some more quality time with their BFF: Nancy Clancy is now starring in her own chapter books!
The Big Library Read title, Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth, is the first in the Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy juvenile chapter book series and is available in both eBook and eAudiobook!

“Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth brings us back to the glamorous world of our favorite fancy girl. Nancy may be a bit older and more sophisticated, but she hasn’t lost her love for fancy words, outrageous fashion and dramatic flair. She and her best friend Bree have everything they need to solve a mystery, from their totally professional trench coats to their top-secret code. But when crime strikes in their classroom, will these super sleuths be able to crack the case?”
Jane O’Connor’s Nancy Clancy titles are great for young readers who are learning how to read and developing a love of literature.  Her use of advanced vocabulary, while explaining what the words mean, helps children grow as readers.  Checking out the eBook and eAudiobook together will enable children and parents to listen to the title as they follow along with the text.

Remember, the especially unique aspect about Big Library Read is that, for the duration of the program, September 16th-September 30th, 2013, the eBook and eAudiobook will not follow the traditional one copy/one user model but will simultaneously be available to all ECRL eBook & eAudio users to borrow via our Digital Library.  No wait lists!  The eBook is available in the OverDrive Read, Kindle, and Adobe EPUB formats.  The eAudiobook is available in MP3 and WMA formats.  Being available in all major formats also guarantees Nancy Clancy: Super Sleuth will be accessible for every Digital Library user on all major devices.
Big Library Read creates a “global book club” which allows parents and children to read together and join thousands of other users in reading the same book at the same time!  To borrow Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth, simply log in to ECRL’s Digital Library. You’ll see the title on the home page ready to checkout.

In addition to creating a global “library book club,” Big Library Read demonstrates the positive exposure and sales influence library eBooks provide to authors and publishers.   The proof is in the numbers!  For less than 3 weeks in May 2013, during the first Big Library Read, 63 East Central Regional Library patrons checked out and downloaded The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone via our Digital Library.  Globally, users checked out Four Corners of the Sky more than 44,000 times during that same time.  Additionally, Malone’s other titles experienced a sales increase, and checkout rate growth of more than 100%. 
If you’d like to be an even more active Big Library Read participant, join a Facebook chat with Jane O’Connor on Tuesday, Sept 24th at 8 pm (CT).  You’ll be able to ask Jane anything burning questions about her writing process, Nancy Clancy, or what she has in store next.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter during this event by following @ecrlib and/or using the hashtag  #BigLibraryRead.

Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

New version of Overdrive Media Console app (3.0)

OverDrive Media Console v3.0 has been released for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) users.  This update has some of the “most requested” features by patrons using the Overdrive Media Console app across the world! 

OMC v3.0 has been completely redesigned with a focus on the user experience.  The app has an all-new look, with easier navigation using taps and swipes.  Watch a video preview of OMC v3.0 here now!
When you first open OMC v3.0, you will see a new start screen prompting you to add a library, add books to your bookshelf, and create an Adobe ID, complete with visuals to point you in the right direction!  Once this is done, more tutorial screens will walk you through the new interface, showing up when you go to your bookshelf or open an eBook. Each tutorial screen shows up once, but is available again using the option in Settings to show tutorials next time the app is started.
New Features of Next Generation Overdrive Media Console:
-Historya list of titles that have been deleted or returned  This allows you to keep track of the titles you have read – options range from the last 10 deleted titles to the last 100 deleted titles.

-Home Menu-your 1-stop for navigating the app. From there, you can access My Libraries, Bookshelf, Settings, History, OverDrive One and more. To access, swipe from the left of your screen while in the app.

-In-app help- access app help from the new Home Menu.

-Book menu-Allows for simpler navigation within the book, providing access to the table of contents, book details, and editable bookmarks.  To access, swipe from the right of your screen while in the app.

-OverDrive One– an opt-in registration service that gives users the ability to sync bookmarks and reading progress across multiple devices.  Stop reading a book on your iPad, pick up your Android smart phone, and start reading exactly where you left off!

-Variable eAudiobook speed playback for iOS users. Slow your listening down to ½ speed or speed it up to 2x’s as fast!  (Not available for Android users)

Other Changes:  Bookshelf– Titles you have downloaded in your app now display differently.  You will see tiled covers of the books, as well as easier expiration date visibility.  To return a title from your bookshelf, you tap and hold on the jacket cover.  This will bring up the options to return, delete, or share the title.  As before, to remove a title from your library account, you must return not delete.

OMC v3.0 requires: Android OS v4.0 (or newer) for Android devices and iOS 6 (or newer) for iOS users. Older versions of OMC will remain available for download for users who have older operating systems.  (To find your operating system: On an iOS device tap Settings > General > About.  On an Android phone tap System Settings > About phone.  On an Android tablet tap System Settings > About tablet.)
Users will be prompted to install the new version.  These changes will not take place until users update their app. Overdrive will continue to support older versions of OMC.  If you wish not to update your app, it will continue to work as it always has.
For more info and to help you navigate the changes, the help articles and videos from Overdrive have been updated. 
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library