Shelter Locations

Due to the dangerously below zero temperatures, several shelters and community locations are remaining open 24 hours as a warming station for those without access to warm, safe shelter or housing. See locations below. We recommend that you call to verify details.



  • First Presbyterian Church (551 S. Wood St)

Pine City

Rush City

Pre-register to vote!

Today, Tuesday, October 16th is the last day to pre-register to vote for the upcoming general election on Tuesday, November 6th. Pre-registering saves you time at your polling place on election day!

Don’t worry though! If you miss the deadline to pre-register, you can still vote!  In Minnesota, you can register on Election Day at your polling place.

Have more questions? Check out the Registration FAQs from the Secretary of State’s office.

Introducing Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project

Interested in getting your novel, dissertation, poetry collection, or children’s book into ebook and print-ready formats?


The Minnesota Library Publishing Project (MLPP) provides online publishing tools and training information to support independent authors and small publishers, all for free.


MLPP’s book design tool is Pressbooks: an easy-to-use, online tool that enables authors and publishers to create professional-quality versions of a book in ePUB, MOBI, PDF, and other formats. Authors also have a variety of options to create print versions of their book(s). MLPP also offers training videos, best practices documents, and step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Pressbooks.


The MLPP is intended to encourage conversation among libraries about and promote experimentation with open- and self- publishing, helping local communities come together to create and share books.


Libraries across MN are supporting MLPP by meeting with writing groups and supporting patrons as they work with the Pressbooks. If you are an ECRL patron with questions about the MLPP, please contact Sarah Hawkins, Resource Librarian.

The MLPP is a pilot project coordinated by Minitex and Minnesota’s academic and public libraries, with funding provided by Minitex and academic libraries that have volunteered to supply financial backing for the project.


Brain Fitness Kits at Cambridge Public Library

The Cambridge Public Library, a branch of East Central Regional Library, has received a grant from the Cambridge ACT on Alzheimer’s group to purchase resources on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, care-giving, and brain health, to increase awareness and provide support information in order to create a dementia-friendly community. In addition to purchasing books, DVDs, and books on CD, East Central Regional Library seeks to be proactive in stimulating and engaging the brain.

Brain Fitness KitWith this grant funding, East Central Regional Library has developed 18 Brain Fitness Kits. Studies have shown a direct link between playing games and retaining brain functions. Each Brain Fitness Kit contain 4 games, recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association and Mayo Clinic as being designed to keep or build brain power. The kits were created with this purpose, but all ages will enjoy the games. (more…)