DISCONTINUED: OverDrive Media Console for BlackBerry

BlackBerry was once king of the smartphone world.  For 4 years, it reigned supreme, until their world was eclipsed by the rise of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s subsequent introduction of Android.
In the past year, the OverDrive Media Console app for BlackBerry has experienced a steady decline in downloads. Only .3% of all visitors to digital library websites come from a BlackBerry device.  After much consideration, OverDrive, East Central Regional Library’s Digital Library vendor, has decided to remove the app from BlackBerry App World in order to focus development efforts on more widely used platforms such as iOS and Android—both of which have more daily downloads than BlackBerry has monthly.
Effective April 10, 2014, the OverDrive Media Console mobile app for BlackBerry will no longer be available for download to BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, and Playbook devices.  
BlackBerry users with the app installed prior to April 10, 2014 will be able to continue downloading eBooks and audiobooks via OverDrive Media Console. However, no further development or testing will be dedicated to it.
New BlackBerry users will still be able to download the Kindle app for BlackBerry and download Kindle format eBooks from ECRL’s Digital Library.
If you have questions, please let us know.  
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

Big Library Read is back again!

In 2013, the Big Library Read program brought us Michael Malone’s Four Corners of the Sky and Jane O’Connor’s Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth Now, East Central Regional Library is participating in the third Big Library Read and you are invited to join us!  
This time we are going on a culinary adventure, with Keys to the Kitchen, by Food Network and Cooking Channel star Aida Mollenkamp  Big Library Read kicked off yesterday, February 17th, and runs through March 5th.  
Big Library Read creates a “global book club” which allows users to join readers across the world in reading the same book at the same time!  Over 5,800 libraries worldwide are able to lend Keys to the Kitchen eBook to millions of users simultaneously for free.  The program demonstrates the valuable role libraries play in connecting readers with books and authors.  

Keys to the Kitchen is a cookbook by definition, but it’s also much more than that.  For members of the tech-savvy new generation who can’t cook but want to, this essential reference guide is an ideal starting place. For those already at ease in the kitchen it’s full of “who knew” moments for expanding your repertoire of great recipes. It doesn’t just provide ideas on what to cook, but also walks the reader through how to cook.  Keys to theKitchen is an invaluable foundation for cooking with more than 300 recipes, color photographs, informative illustrations, a substantial technique primer, and helpful how-to information on subjects as wide-ranging as rust removal, throwing a cocktail party, and knife skills.  What amateur chef doesn’t need that kind of info?  I know I do! 
To borrow Keys to the Kitchen, simply log in to ECRL’s Digital Library. You’ll see the title on the home page ready to checkout.

Remember, the especially unique aspect about Big Library Read is that, for the duration of the program, the eBook will not follow the traditional one copy/one user model but will simultaneously be available  to all ECRL eBook users to borrow via our Digital Library.  No wait lists!  The eBook is available in the OverDrive Read, Kindle, Adobe EPUB, and Adobe PDF formats. 
Get involved even more! 
  • Join the Big Library Read discussion forum to share your thoughts and favorite recipes!
  • Like Aida on Facebook, and join the Facebook chat on Wednesday February 26th at 7 pm.  Ask her your burning cooking questions and thank her for offering her book free to libraries for the Big Library Read program.
  • Follow @ecrlib, @OverDriveLibs, and @aidamollenkamp on Twitter or use the hashtag #BigLibraryRead.
  • Follow Aida on Instagram.
  • Check out her weekly web series In the Pantry on Yahoo! Shine.

 Join the global movement of passionate readers and library patrons who support the access of eBooks through your local library.   Read Keys to the Kitchen as part of the Big Library Read.
Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library

Penguin eBooks are now downloadable for Kindle without USB

Good news for Kindle users!

If you remember, back in September, Penguin Publishing rejoined the list of leading publishers allowing library lending of eBooks via OverDrive.  More than 17,000 Penguin eBooks are available for libraries such as East Central Regional Library to license for our Digital Library.

Well now, the “via USB only” side-loading requirement for Penguin eBooks has been removed.

Penguin eBooks are now available for “Get for Kindle” in the same process as the other Kindle eBooks in our Digital Library and can be delivered via a Wi-Fi connection to the device.

If you need a reminder on how to borrow Kindle Books from ECRL’s Digital Library, you can check out the OverDrive help article here: How to Borrow Kindle Books from your library

Sarah Hawkins, Branch Librarian, Chisago Lakes Area Library