Prisoners in Fantasy and Fact

SYNC 2016 Week 2’s featured eAudiobook opens a new and popular fantasy series. Paired with it is a true-life account by an attorney who played a significant role in changing the destiny of a young man in a faraway land. Together, this week’s eAudiobook pair illustrates hope in the face of some of the most extreme forms of hopelessness, showing how an individual’s sacrifice can make a monumental impact.

The Sin Easin-eaters-daughter-101262-sync2016-2000x2000 (1)ter’s Daughter

By Melinda Salisbury. Read by Amy Shiels. 

A dark YA fantasy that balances political intrigue, an evil queen, and a love triangle. Twylla, the 17-year-old heroine, lives in a castle and has the power to kill by simply touching the victim. However, her power is one she’s inherited and her role as executioner of prisoners isn’t the life she chose, nor that she wants.

Divine Collisiondivine-collision-110417-sync2016-2400x2400

By Jim Gash. Read by Brandon Batchelar.

Los Angeles lawyer and law professor, Jim Gash, tells the true story of how he found himself in the heart of Africa, performing legal rescue work on behalf of imprisoned children in Uganda, particularly of defending Henry, a courageous Ugandan boy languishing in prison and wrongfully accused of two separate murders. You can find out more about Gash’s work and Henry’s imprisonment by watching BBC Outlook: Teen Wrongly Accused of Two Murders

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Challenging Beliefs

Are you as excited about SYNC 2016 as we are? Week 1 of SYNC 2016 is here!  Welcome to a summer of listening and free audiobook downloads that are yours to keep for year-round listening.

Read a summary of this week’s audiobook titles, learn why the SYNC program selected them, and how they are connected:

We’re opening our 15-week-long season with a pair of titles in which belief and challenges to belief move from the personal to the public. These are audiobooks about intellectual freedom, not just as an idea, but as the catalyst for action.

VIVIAN APPLE AT THE END OF THE WORLD came to readers’ attention shortly after its publication in 2015, due Vivian Apple At the End of the Worldto praise from Rolling Stone as one of the best 40 young adult novels of all time. Vivian changes her life from a girl who goes along to get along, even though she doesn’t accept the beliefs of those around her, to a 17-year-old who must find out more about where belief ended and the future began. Julia Whelan performs Katie Coyle’s story in this Dreamscape Media production in tones that bring Vivian herself realistically to life for the listener and immediately encourages us to become engaged in this girl’s story.

THE GREAT TENNESSEE MONKEY TRIAL, with which this week’s teen novel is paired, is ripped straight from history, giving us a theatrical performance of the legal proceedings, in all their drama, that resulted when religious belief clashed with a school teacher discussing scientific evidence. Many teens are familiar with the story of Great Tennessee Monkey TrialClarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan arguing about whether a 24-year-old substitute teacher had the legal right to teach evolution in a high school classroom. Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee’s 1955 play, Inherit the Wind, often appears on school reading lists. For SYNC, however, we have Peter Goodchild’s docudrama from L.A. Theatre Works that uses the court transcripts themselves as the script for this ensemble performance. Regional accents and the passionate voices of ideological conflict pull us right into the time, place, and confrontation.


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