Save Energy by Checking Out a Power Check Meter

Everyone wants to save energy – whether it’s to lower your monthly bills and/or to help save the environment.  East Central Regional Library has partnered with Xcel Energy to help members of the community learn more about their energy use and determine ways they can save money and conserve energy.
All of East Central Regional Library branches now have a Power Check Meter available for check out by library users.  With the meter you can:
·        * Determine the approximate operating costs of various appliances and electronics
·         *Identify high energy-use appliances
·         *Calculate the cost savings for replacing older appliances with more energy-efficient ones
·      *   Discover which appliances use energy even when they are switched off

In the Power Meter case you checkout you will find the power meter, a brochure with information and quick-start instructions, a manufacturer’s instruction booklet and a USB cable.  ECRL branch staff cannot answers questions about the Power Meters, however, if you need help using the Power Meter you can go to for an instructional video.   To place a hold on a “Power Meter” simply go to the ECRL catalog on our homepage at www.ecrlib.organd type in “power meter” under the keyword search  or call your local ECRL branch for more assistance.  
Watch a video on how to use the power check meter:
Vickie Sorn, ECRL Youth & Community Services Librarian

Sustainable Landscape Plan Underway

The completion of the Sustainable Landscape Plan is underway by the Wyoming Area Library Society using, in part, an awarded $10,000 grant through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Legacy Funds. The landscaping is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.

Cody Eggers constructed four benches to beautify the front landscaping of the Wyoming Area Giese Memorial Library as his Eagle Scout badge project. Along with other members of Scout Troop 487 of St. Peter Catholic Church, Forest Lake, Eggers (pictured back row, farthest left), installed the benches last week. 

Vickie Sorn
Youth & Community Services Librarian

Holiday Spirit Alive!

The Grinch did not steal the holiday spirit from Wyoming Area Giese Memorial Library patrons this year. Branch Librarian, Rebecca Hostetler, collaborated with Heidi Neff of Chisago County Human Services, to create a list of names for the library Giving Tree. This year 31 children requested books. First names and ages of the children were written on tags. Children, teens, and adults chose names and purchased a book for each of them. Monetary donations of nearly $350 purchased an additional 66 books providing roughly 100 children with the gift of reading.

In this second year of the Giving Tree, based on the book by Shel Silverstein, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all who helped make this another successful year. The generosity of the community to these children is indeed a sign that the Grinch is not welcome here!
Rebecca Hostetler
Branch Librarian
Wyoming Area Giese Memorial Library

A Maroon and White Bus

The small maroon and white bus pulled into the parking lot. Ebenezer Meadows Campus was painted on the side. The driver got out and opened the doors that made the bus handicap accessible with a lift. Slowly the lift was lowered and one by one the occupants were out of the bus and ready to come into the library. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, independently; one-by-one they made their way into the building.

Three of them needed library cards; two came for the ride. They looked over different parts of the library. Then they checked out a few books and were on their way.

This will become part of their routine; every two weeks they will be able to visit our branch and see the world with different eyes. I’m excited about this opportunity for them and for us. They get a “road trip” and we have a new occasion to serve area residents. Hopefully, more campus residents will become eager at the prospect of visiting the library.

The facility program coordinator will be ordering Bi-Folkal Kits for them and other people at the campus to remember the old days…remember farm days, remember the Depression, remember school days, and remember work life. These and many other topics are covered with individual kits. Each kit includes an extensive program manual, a media presentation, sing along booklets, things to touch and a carrying case. Some have even more.

These kits are multi-media and multi-sensory to prompt memories and discussion. They are the perfect choice for programs and activities for older adults and mixed age groups in senior centers, retirement communities, nursing homes and other settings. If you are interested in finding out more about the Bi-Folkal Kits, stop in at your local East Central Regional Library branch or contact Vicki at 763-689-7390 x13.

I’m looking forward to seeing that maroon and white bus. Once it’s part of the routine, I’ll be planning some inter-generational activities.

Rebecca J. Hostetler, Branch Librarian
Giese Memorial Library, Wyoming