Take Action for Libraries!

Today is Take Action for Libraries Day! While the day is a national effort observed for the first time in 2017 as a response to proposed cuts to federal funds for libraries, there are many ways library advocates can speak up or take action to show how vital libraries are to our communities!
Action can include:

  1. Advocating for laws that advance libraries and protect library funding.
    1. Talk to your city and county officials about the importance of libraries. Approximately 60% of East Central Regional Library’s operating funds comes from our counties. Our cities are key partners in providing and maintaining facilities.
    2. East Central Regional Library receives approximately 27% of its operating funds directly from the state of Minnesota.  The state also provides funds for library legacy programs and grant opportunities for local entities to build new or remodel facilities.  Learn more on the Minnesota Library Advocacy website.
    3. While East Central Regional Library doesn’t receive operating funds directly from the federal government, Minnesota libraries benefit from federal funding that helps provide grant opportunities for public libraries and key services like statewide delivery.  (That’s how your MNLINK request gets to you!) Learn more about federal advocacy issues and information from the American Library Association.
  2. Staying in the loop about essential library programs, resources, and services.
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  3. Supporting East Central Regional Library by donating time or money.
  4. Simply taking the time today to tell someone why libraries are important to you!

However you support your library, East Central Regional Library thanks you.

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