Yes, we have eBooks

You asked, we listened! ECRL has added another format for your reading enjoyment — eBooks. Refer to this document for guidelines and more information about the service:

Readers enjoy books in many ways and use a variety of formats:

  • Books for reading – for reading and enjoyment while in one place, like curling up in a chair:
    • Print – Some of them are even in Large Print – easier on the eyes than smaller type. Print books come in hard cover and paper back. Libraries usually buy hard-cover, because they last longer through multiple users.
    • eBooks – the newest format edition, books are downloaded to be read from an eReader device.
  • Books for listing – for reading and enjoyment while moving around, like walking or riding/driving:
    • Audio books on cassette – we used to buy books that were recorded on a cassette tape, for use in cassette players. We don’t buy books on cassette any more, but have a few older ones that people still enjoy.
    • Audio books on CD – we buy books recorded on CDs, for use in CD players.

Another format that ECRL does not currently purchase is the downloadable audio book, which is downloaded to a personal listening device, like an MP3 player or an iPod. This format appears to be replacing the books on CD format and is available from some other library systems.

Barbara Misselt, Director

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