Brain Fitness kits

Keep your mind sharp!

in Aitkin, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Mille Lacs, and Pine Counties

Brain Fitness Kits can be searched for and requested via the ECRL catalog.

What are brain fitness kits and what do I need to know about checking them out?

Studies have shown a direct link between playing games and retaining brain functions. Each Brain Fitness Kit contain 4 games that help keep or build brain power. The kits were created for this purpose, but all ages will enjoy the games.

Details of the games in each kit are listed in the catalog and in the list below. Kits must be returned to any branch during open hours, as they do not fit in book returns.

List of the Brain fitness kits at ECRL:

Funds made possible by an ACT on Alzheimer’s Grant in partnership with Cambridge ACT on Alzheimer’s and East Central Regional Library. Games are recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association and Mayo Clinic.

  • KIT #1: Solitaire Chess, Quiddler, Double Shutter, Story Cubes: Actions
  • KIT #2Brick by Brick, Jishaku, Crazy Cheese Puzzle, Find It: Things That Go
  • KIT #4Brain Box: the World, Story Cubes: Actions, Double Digits, Simon
  • KIT #6: Solitaire Chess, Pathwords, Brain Box: the USA, Quiddler
  • KIT #7: Brain Box: the World, Sudoku, Brick by Brick, Pathwords
  • KIT #9: Pathwords, Double Shutter, Shape by Shape, Brain Box: Nature
  • KIT #10: CobraTwist, Double Digits, Double Shutter, Shape by Shape
  • KIT #11: Jishaku, CobraTwist, Double Digits, Quiddler
  • KIT #12: Pathwords, Double Shutter, Story Cubes: Original, Brain Box: Once upon a Time
  • KIT #13: Set, Rush Hour, Rubik’s Cube, Illuminated Word
  • KIT #14: Rush Hour, iCube, Shape by Shape, Find It: Original
  • KIT #16: Rubik’s 360, Find It: Things That Go, Scrabble Boggle, Rush Hour
  • KIT #17: Story Cubes: Voyages, Set, Brick by Brick, Smart Mouth

Funds made possible by the Chisago Lakes Friends of the Library

  • KIT #19: Lazer Maze, Unhinged, Scrabble Slam!, Shell Game.
  • KIT #20: Swish, Clue Master, Gravity Maze, Fifteen Puzzle
  • KIT #21:  Izzi, Knot So Fast, Balance Beans, My Mood Memo
  • KIT #22: Back Spin, Distraction, Tipover, Adams Cube
  • KIT #23: Code Master, Izzi, Gordian’s Knot, Amaze

Funds made possible by the Trinity Outreach Fund

  • KIT #25: Lunar Landings, Giant UNO, CODE: Rover Control, Swish
  • KIT #26: Fidgitz, CODE: Robot Repair, Cat Crimes, Safari Rush Hour
  • KIT #27: CODE: On the Brink, Color Cube Sudoku, Shape Logic, E-Z See LoVision Playing Cards