Lost Item Handling

Lost Item Returns

  • Check item in and follow screen instructions from Evergreen to put item back in circulation.
  • Evergreen will assess appropriate fee, based on the number of days overdue.
    • If the item is less than 105 days overdue, the lost item fee will revert to the max overdue fee.
    • If the item is 105 days or more overdue, the patron will remain responsible for the lost item fee.
  • If patron is present, accept payment and record payment in Evergreen.

Refer questions to Branch Librarian, or in their absence, Assistant Director.

If a patron has been referred to collections, refer questions to Executive Director or Assistant Director.  Do NOT forgive the $10.00 grocery fee.

Lost Interlibrary Loan item

  • Check item in and follow screen instructions from Evergreen.

Refer questions to Interlibrary Loan staff or Resource Librarian. Do NOT forgive lost item charges for interlibrary loan items.

For Further Reading

To read about when fees and late letter notices are sent to patrons, read the LOST ITEMS section of the Borrowing & Access Policy.