Missing Parts Instructions

*** An item is returned missing a disc/video/tape/accompanying book, etc.


  1. DO NOT check item in.
  2. Fill out purple Problem Form using item status to identify patron.
  3. Call patron.
  4. If you speak with the patron, you may wait 48 hours for missing part to be returned before sending the Missing Parts Letter.
  5. If you don’t speak with the patron, immediately send Missing Parts Letter.
  6. Add alert message to patron account— “ex. Returned ‘item’ to ‘branch’ missing ‘part.’ Patron called on ‘date.’– ‘Staff initials’”
  7. If item is not returned within 2 weeks, charge patron account for full price of material by following procedures for damaged item handling, with the exception of mailing another letter.
  8. If item is returned, check item in and remove note from patron account.

**An item is returned without case


  1. Check item in.
  2. Put item in bindery and send in to HQ for replacement case.
  3. Scan item in Item Status
  4. Actions for Selected items > Show last few circulations; (Pop-up Window appears)
  5. Last Few Circulations >  Item summary pane, use column picker to add price, and other relative information.  Save columns (for future reference).
  6. Last Few Circulations >  click Add Billing (Pop-Up Window appears)
  7. Billing Type drop-down menu, choose Replacement Fee for case.
  8. Add Price according to Price List for Non Print Cases
  9. Add your initials & specifics about what patron is being charged for in the note field.
  10. Submit bill.
  11. We no longer send a letter when this type of bill is added.

NOTE: We do not bill for missing plastic CD sleeves.